The bottom 10 F1 drivers: Shortlist

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

2005 Malaysian Grand Prix start, 470150

Two weeks ago we began compiling the list of the bottom 10 F1 drivers of all time – the 10 worst F1 drivers.

Here’s how the shortlist stands at the moment along with some of your remarks. Is there anyone missing from it? And who doesn’t belong there?

In alphabetical order…

Philippe Adams
Giovanna Amati
Michael Andretti – “11th in the championship in 1993, in the same equipment that Senna took to second place” Scootin159

Enrico Bertaggia

Andrea de Cesaris – “You can?t say he didn?t have opportunities” D Winn
Pedro Chaves

Jean-Denis Deletraz
Pedro Diniz
Johnny Dumfries

Bernie Ecclestone – “Attended the 1958 Monaco and British rounds but didn?t qualify.” Ratboy

Jean-Marc Gounon

Yuji Ide – “He only lasted three races before the FIA took away his superlicence.” Francois
Taki Inoue

Ukyo Katayama
Rupert Keegan

Claudio Langes
Giovanni Lavaggi – “Would still have been infamously bad in a decent car.” Robert McKay

Perry McCarthy
Tarso Marques – “He was always off pace, he was always in trouble.” Daniel
Fran??ois Migualt

Rikky von Opel

Massimiliano Papis
Al Pease – “Only driver to be black flagged for driving too slow.” Chalky

Hector Rebaque
Ricardo Rosset – “At the Spa 98 mass pileup he drove full speed into the wreck like some kind of computer game.” TommyB

Otto Stuppacher
Esteban Tuero
Alex Yoong
Alex Zanardi

(NB. Chanoch Nissany not included because he was never entered entered for a race)

To get things start I think Diniz, Dumfries, Katayama and Zanardi don’t belong on the list:

Pedro Diniz did a respectable job alongside Damon Hill in 1997. Johnny Dumfries wasn’t hopeless but he was, as Clive James said, in a team “where even the Portaloo was set up for [Ayrton] Senna.” Katayama had his days and some of Zanardi’s drives for Jordan and Lotus in his pre-CART/Williams days showed the raw talent that F1 never tapped into.

Who else would you add, and who else would you take off?

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