Video: Williams Grand Prix cars

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

This excellent video from the Williams F1 team takes a tour of the Williams Grand Prix collection, which includes an example of every car produced by the team since 1978.

One of the cars featured in the video is the 1997 FW19 Williams-Renault which Jacques Villeneuve won the championship with. Although the narration tells us that this is chassis number four, the very same Villeneuve was driving when Michael Schumacher hit him in the season finale, it is widely known that much of Schumacher’s tyre rubber that was left on the sidepod following the collision was cleaned off, although some of the damage is still visible.

Other interesting cars include the first Williams Grand Prix era machine – the FW06 from 1978. There’s also the ultra high-tech FW14B and FW15 which dominated the 1992 and 1993 seasons, carrying Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost to world championships.

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