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Ten questions on the Mosley scandal 3rd June 2008, 23:31

Max Mosley’s win in the FIA confidence vote leaves F1 in an odd situation. The president of its regulatory body is an international laughing stock, and yet somehow the sport has to find a way to go on. How did Mosley win the vote – and what will happen next? Here are some of my […]

Video: 2008 Canadian GP preview

Here’s the Canadian Grand Prix preview video featuring a preview of the circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a look at the remodelled Silverstone pits, and Murray Walker’s favourite F1 memories.

2008 Canada preview: too close to call

I had hoped the 2008 F1 season wouldn’t involve as much waiting for news from Paris on the latest FIA verdicts as 2007 did, but the scandal season is already well underway. Nevertheless I don’t intend to let the goings-on regarding Max Mosley interfere with the usual race weekend coverage at F1 Fanatic especially as […]

Max Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence

Max Mosley has won the vote of confidence in him is FIA President. Before the votes were cast in the FIA extraordinary general meeting it was calculated that he needed at least 89 of 177 available votes to win (45 of the 222 clubs were judged ineligible to vote). He won with 103 votes to […]

CART drivers who raced in F1: From Andretti to Zanardi part 4

Toyota driver Timo Glock is one of the racers to have competed in both Formula 1 and Champ Cars. So is the man who inadvertently gave Michael Schumacher his F1 break.

Video: Canadian GP Toyota preview

One of the areas where Toyota struggled in last year’s Canadian Grand Prix was getting their car to ride the bumpy kerbs as effectively as possible. How are they trying to cure that problem this year? By replicating every bump, bounce and ripple of 70 laps of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on their seven-post simulation […]

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