Max Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Max Mosley has won the vote of confidence in him is FIA President.

Before the votes were cast in the FIA extraordinary general meeting it was calculated that he needed at least 89 of 177 available votes to win (45 of the 222 clubs were judged ineligible to vote).

He won with 103 votes to 55, with seven abstentions and four invalid votes. Further updates below.

With so much opposition to him having come out in public, not least from Bernie Ecclestone and many of the largest automobile clubs that comprise the FIA membership, it remains to be seen whether there will be further attempts to remove him from office.

In a poll on this website 81% of readers wanted Mosley to step down over the sex scandal.

Update: the ramifications of the vote are already being felt. The German motoring body ADAC, the largest in Europe, has announced it is suspending all activities relating to the FIA until Mosley steps down. More here. The American Automobile Association is expected to make an announcement shortly.

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  1. Hmmm… I think Bernie knows better than that. Because right now, he’s in a stronger position than Max, all the more so if he does resign by 2009.

    Oh, Keith,

    titlebar: Max Mosley loses FIA confidence vote
    article title: Max Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence


  2. That’s the funniest typo ever! Fixing it now…

  3. MUCH better. Oh, if the ADAC are withdrawing from the FIA, does this mean that the German GP is off? Or will they be just talking to Bernie and cut out the FIA – if that’s even possible?

  4. Journeyer – no, the ADAC don’t organise the German Grand Prix.

  5. Wait – they do the GP at the Nurburgring then? I know they run one of the 2, either that or Hockenheim. Which club is running it this year? Also, are there any potential clubs leaving the FIA holding GPs for the rest of the year?

  6. Exactly my thoughts Journeyer with the ADAC withdrawing what does it do to the German GP.

    Which begs the question if the ADAC does have control over the German GP then what of the other nations and their GP’s? Also can FOG/FOM fine groups such as ADAC if they block the F1 GP?

    Could all these actions jeapordaise the upcoming GP’s in Montreal, UK and France?

  7. Yes, ADAC run the Nürburgirng race (AvD – Automobile Club of Germany – do the German Grand Prix) so we shall see what becomes of the 2009 Nürburgirng race (whether it was going to be called the German Grand Prix or not is a matter of dispute, it cannot be called the European Grand Prix any more).

    I doubt it will change anything for the UK as the MSA have already said they “respect” the decision.

  8. ADAC do the Nurburgring?

    well at least that the one good thing out of this mess.

  9. the original typo, LOL
    the chosen max picture, more LOL

  10. William Wilgus
    3rd June 2008, 14:42

    FIA R.I.P.

  11. Journeyer

    I can see that Bernie will now have the stronger position, but there was speculation last week over his sudden change of position and not supporting his old Brabham pal in this.
    There is still a possibility that all this is a move by the pair to get FOG into the position they want it to be, and the FIA unable to stop them.
    All this publicity pointed at Max is stopping anybody looking too closely at where Bernie wants F1 to go in the next few years, and how he is doing it, and even where Max is taking the FIA.
    What are Max’s Deputies there for if not to keep the President under control? What is going to happen now to the Manufacturers and the various Royal Families who have shunned Max recently? They could lose their invitations to future FIA events….

  12. I’m beginning to think Max is intentionally running the FIA into the ground. I’m not sure who would benefit exactly, but my initial idea is Bernie, who might now proceed to take all of the control that the FIA has to himself in order to “save the sport” or something like that. This would of course be quite a high stakes game, but it wouldn’t be the first time.
    Or, on the other hand, Max is just such an egomaniac that he can’t do anything else than try and hang on to his position of power. Which is now of course crumbling at its base, so he might be king of a castle where all the noblemen have left and only the village idiots still hang around with him…

  13. This is, of course, excellent news. The many hysterical doomsayers (HDs) on this blog and elsewhere will be proved, once again, to be not only wrong but completely out of touch with the reality of how things really work. Thankfully, misguided and vindictive popular opinion has not been allowed to rule the day. Naturally, I am expecting a storm of virulent, ranting posts from said HDs decrying me; I wonder who will be first?

  14. Never, Green Flag, I hope that you are proved correct and we are all wrong – for the good of motorsport!

  15. good news bad news ? on one hand the clubs clearly separated Mosley’s private life from his ability to work, that is probably fine

    what is not fine is, that this result very likely does not mean end to this whole mess.

  16. Green Flag – Looking at one of the Mosley posts that garnered the greatest reaction I think it’s quite unfair to characterise many of the posts that are thoughtful and well-argued contributions as “hysterical” just because you disagree with them.

  17. Incidently, Keith, has anybody spoken to Charlie Whiting about all this?
    I am wondering since he was part of the Brabham take over of F1 from FISA, and now he is running the races for the FIA and imposing all the penalties.
    Is he still friends with Bernie and Max? Is he pro-FIA or pro-FOG, or even pro-Manufacturers?
    And is there anybody else still around from those times – there do seem to be some alarming parallels between then and now….

  18. sweet, i’ve been asigned an alphanumerical name.

    I shall now be known as HD31.
    Journeyer shall be HD2, Keith HD1 (clearly).

    Why is it that Mosley constantly strives for Transparency from business with the FIA yet never returns the transparency favours when he argues his point, over his decisions?.

  19. DG also Herbie Blash who is currently the FIA’s deputy race director. He’s the guy who trys to stop the drivers from going and shaking the hands of the team after the race.

    Although Herbie really doesn’t seem to want to. He clearly loves race drivers being excited to win. Shame to put him in that situation.

  20. Sush, me, HD2, just behind Keith? Wow, I’m flattered. :)

    But you do make a good point on Max and transparency. But then again, he never struck me as someone who practices what he preaches.

    “The many hysterical doomsayers (HDs) on this blog and elsewhere will be proved, once again, to be not only wrong but completely out of touch with the reality of how things really work.”

    I’ll reserve judgement on this at least until the dissenting clubs make a joint statement (which, chances are, they will) or something to that effect. The ADAC and AAA have publicly floated the possibility of leaving the FIA altogether, and that still won’t have a good effect – not just on motorsport, but on motoring as a whole.

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