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Debate: is F1 too fast for Montreal? 5th June 2008, 15:00

Last year F1 fans held their breath as Robert Kubica’s BMW ricocheted off the retaining wall at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with sickening force. Faced with the task of improving the safety provisions at that bend the organisers have decided the best thing they could do was to bring the wall closer to the track. […]

Video: Canadian GP history 1999-2007

F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer concludes his second part of the history of the Canadian Grand Prix which he began yesterday. In the past decade the Canadian Grand Prix has gained a reputation as a chaotic race, and the bumpy kerbs and ever-present walls conspire to create dramatic races. Here’s a look at some of […]

CART drivers who raced in F1: From Andretti to Zanardi part 5

One of the biggest names to cross from F1 to CART was Nigel Mansell – who did so after winning the 1992 F1 championship and claimed the Champ Car title at his first attempt. He wasn’t the only F1 champion to try his hand at CART – Alan Jones did as well, though only for […]

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