Robert Kubica claims maiden victory as BMW take historic one-two

Robert Kubica, Montreal, BMW, 2008, 470150

Robert Kubica has become the first Polish driver to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix after taking victory in today’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Kubica was followed home by team mate Nick Heidfeld giving BMW both their first victory and first one-two as a full Formula 1 constructor.

It puts Kubica into the lead of the drivers’ championship. And it all happened at the track where he suffered an enormous accident last year.

Earlier in the race it appeared as though Heidfeld let his team mate pass at turn one. Heidfeld was fuelled to the end of the race at the time but Kubica needed to stop once more.

When Kubica came out of the pits after his final stop he stayed ahead of Heidfeld for the win.

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26 comments on Robert Kubica claims maiden victory as BMW take historic one-two

  1. TommyBellingham said on 8th June 2008, 20:10

    So Happy for Kubica. Gutted for Heidfeld and I think he knew he may not get another chance to win where as Kubica is sure to still win plenty

  2. Dorian said on 8th June 2008, 20:15

    Fantastic win for Kubica and I dare say won’t be his last. I knew he had it in him, obviously the circumstances were favourable but that doesn’t take away the fact that his drive was stunning.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a future champion in our midst. Might not be this season, but sometime….

  3. Shahriar said on 8th June 2008, 20:21

    Yes… i was a jam-packed race indeed…
    Awesome thirller till the 2nd last lap to be precise… :D
    But Hamilton proved a real loser man! Sheez…
    What a waste… He sud get some bashing after this… i mean he could have taken the other car… Was it intentional? I dont know…
    Ahh… well…

  4. Simon Robertson said on 8th June 2008, 20:28

    What a race! I have followed Sauber/BMW Sauber since its inception in 1993 so its been a long 15 year wait! Great drive from Kubica and Heidfeld and not forgetting Coulthard.
    A future WC indeed but i hope its in a BMW Sauber and not a Ferrari or Macca!

  5. Shahriar said on 8th June 2008, 20:31

    Obvious a future champ Dorian… he has got potential and the paitence… and also the pin point accuracy… Kubica is one of my favorites… didnt open the facebook fan page for nothing man… lol.. :)

  6. Missouri MIke said on 8th June 2008, 20:32

    Great job by BMW today. It would be unfair to dismiss the win as a fluke because of the Hamilton/Raikonnen crash. The fact is that BMW finished 1-2 with a significant margin in front of the remaining Ferrari and McLaren entries, and Kubica’s position on the starting grid proves that BMW have the sheer speed to keep pace with the top tier teams.

    McLaren and Ferrari now know that if they falter just slightly, they don’t just have to worry about each other. BMW will take advantage and snatch points away from them. Well done Kubica, well done Heidfeld!

  7. sajonaraman said on 8th June 2008, 20:46

    Beautiful. My wishes came true today.

  8. Dorian said on 8th June 2008, 20:53

    Have to agree with you Simon. A WC in a BMW would be great. The more WC winning cars in the field the better!!… far as I’m concerned.

    p.s. glad you also agree Shahriar

  9. Great race, it had everything till the end.
    I was really uncertain about the final result. Alonso was just about to ruin Kubica´s race with his crash, but the first was luky enough Alonso did not block the way and a SC was not needed.
    If I was Heidfeld I would vave blocked Kubica at least 5 laps more, so he could have taken victory. But my doubt is if Kubica has been declared driver nº1 already. The pit wall was prety happy when Kubica returned first to the race after the second pitstop.

  10. Dr H&S said on 8th June 2008, 21:04

    Heiki very disappointing, in the fastest car, coming in at the back of a very close group of three. Maybe Kubica for McLaren? :)

  11. There is no doubt that Lewis was very dominant, but BMW thoroughly deserved the win and second place. Kubica is awesome and the team have made the championship all the more interesting!

    It was a bit sad to see that Heidfeld was upset (and showing it) at what seems to have been team orders to let Kubica pass – even though he would have went past him one way or the other!

  12. Gman said on 8th June 2008, 21:22

    Phenominal job by the BMW boys today- a great milestone for the team and for F1 overall. As some of my great-grandparents came to the U.S. from Poland in the early 1900s, I’m very happy to see a Polish driver do so well. A great result for Heidfeld as well- he needed the solid showing after some subpar races recently. Here’s hoping to many more wins for Robert, and hopefully Quick Nick can bag a win or two along the way as well.

  13. verasaki said on 8th June 2008, 21:26

    more where this one came from. when is the last time there were actually this many drivers capable of taking each other on in a single season? the next couple of years could be very interesting.

    over the moon to see not just kubica take a win-sooner than i thought he would but, a bmw 1/2 -certainly sooner than they thought they would. montreal can be a quirky old race but, this is more than just luck.

    and good one massa! that was my fav moment of the race.

  14. Simon Robertson said on 8th June 2008, 21:26

    i dont think Kubica would want to step down to McLaren!!:)

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