Robert Kubica claims maiden victory as BMW take historic one-two

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Robert Kubica, Montreal, BMW, 2008, 470150

Robert Kubica has become the first Polish driver to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix after taking victory in today’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Kubica was followed home by team mate Nick Heidfeld giving BMW both their first victory and first one-two as a full Formula 1 constructor.

It puts Kubica into the lead of the drivers’ championship. And it all happened at the track where he suffered an enormous accident last year.

Earlier in the race it appeared as though Heidfeld let his team mate pass at turn one. Heidfeld was fuelled to the end of the race at the time but Kubica needed to stop once more.

When Kubica came out of the pits after his final stop he stayed ahead of Heidfeld for the win.

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  1. Kubica is a beast….there is indeed no secret about who your favorite driver is!!

    You are exactly right in terms of Kubica’s driving skills and the pit work of the BMW crew- little things like that are what win races. Indeed, Kimi and Lewis would have made things tougher. But BMW and their drivers beat the other teams fair and square- Kimi certainly can be upset about being taken out of the race by no fault of his own, but all the other drivers and teams got flat-out beaten by the boys in white and blue. Indeed, some of the other teams may say BMW got lucky…in which case the response should be “go back to your garage and do something about it next week!!”

    Indeed, none of the teams would probably say something like that. I root for Mclaren, but was thrilled at today’s finish- a thrid contender arrived in the F1 ranks today, and the sport is all the better because of it.

  2. Wow – one of my pre-race predictions on your blog Keith actually cane true !

    And a very popular win it was too – everyone seems to be happy for BMW-Sauber and Kubica. Although I could hazard a guess that Heidfeld could be a smidge happier about the result. Understandable of course, and I sincerely hope that we see Nick on the top step of the podium at some point as well.

    What a great race. I do think that Kubica would have still been in with a great shot at winning even if Lewis hadn’t removed himself and Kimi from the race.
    Kubica was simply on the ball today. We’ve seen it coming for some time now.

  3. steve thompson
    9th June 2008, 8:24

    Great win for BMW – ITV viewers in the UK were treated to some pretty facile commentary from James Alan again with regard to swift Nick. First he made some feeble comment about how he should concentrate less on his art collection and more on F1 – this was in consequence of some report itv had one in the lead up to the race – poor ick had mentioned that he liked to buy art. Not content with tat weak comment he claimed that Nick was soundly beaten today – he wasn’t. (i) Nick was second from further back on the grid and (ii) he let Kubica past acting for the team. If he had held Kubica behind him for two more laps he would have come out into the lead and would probably have won. So a great 1-2 for BMW who look both highly professional and human. Toyota must be wondering how its done.

  4. David Watkins
    9th June 2008, 11:14

    James Allen is an all-round embarrassment. When he kept wibbling on about Hamilton’s Monaco performance being “Sennaesque” I wanted to put my boot through the telly to make it all end.

  5. YES..YES..YESS..YESSS..YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    I told you the Kube had something to prove!

    A BMW one,two…!!!!

    I can’t get this smile off my face!!

  6. Kubica is a beast
    12th June 2008, 4:19

    David Watkins – I completely agree. Normally I download the iTV coverage because I live in U.S. and dont have SPEED but this year I watched it because it was on FOX which a local channel and it was incredible. I was soooooo relieved to not have to listen to every comment being centered around Hamilton, the SPEED anouncers actually talked about all the other racers and concentrated on Hamilton very little, it was a complete relief. Pls fire James Allen BBC!!!!

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