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Debate: Can Robert Kubica win the title? 9th June 2008, 15:00

Robert Kubica’s leading the championship now but could he still be on top come the end of the season? Although he scored his maiden victory for the ever-improving BMW team yesterday it’s still hard to see Kubica as a likely champion. Which would make it all the more remarkable if it did happen.

Why do million-dollar F1 drivers keep making mistakes at red lights?

Lewis Hamilton would be best advised to skip today’s newspapers. Unless he wants to read several unfortunate comparisons between his father’s prang in a Porsche last week and his crash with Kimi Raikkonen in the pits (see video here). Hamilton is not the only F1 driver to have messed up at a red light in […]

2008 Canadian GP facts & stats

With Robert Kubica winning the first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix for Poland there’s a bumper crop of facts and statistics following yesterday’s Canadian Grand Prix. Nick Heidfeld is now the driver with the most second places and no wins, Kimi Raikkonen set yet another fastest lap, and McLaren & Ferrari’s domination of the top […]

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