Which Formula 1 drivers would you put in a Le Mans 24 Hours team?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Allan McNish, Audi R10 TDi, Le Mans, 2008, 470150

None of the current F1 drivers are racing in the Le Mans 24 Hours this weekend ?ǣ although 28 former F1 pilots are.

There isn?t a Grand Prix on this weekend so, if a free car did come up in the race at short notice, and you had to fill it with drivers from the current F1 grid, who would you choose?

In case you haven’t watched Le Mans before, we need three drivers to share a car for a total of 24 hours. Here are my picks??

Sebastien Bourdais

Bourdais is one of few drivers on the grid who?ve contested France?s great sports car race before. In fact he?s done it six times including an appearance for Peugeot last year when his three-man team started on pole position and finished second. Peugeot’s diesel challenger which is tipped for victory this time around, but Bourdais’ F1 commitments means he can’t race for them.

I?d pick him over the other F1 drivers who?ve got Le Mans starts under their belts. It might be a struggle to persuade Mark Webber to return after the two huge somersaults he suffered there while driving for Mercedes (video here). And David Coulthard said he didn?t much enjoy the experience when he drove for Jaguar at the La Sarthe circuit.

Robert Kubica

A bit of a flavour of the month pick, perhaps, but you can?t argue that Kubica isn?t quick.

He?s also got the hunger for competition, which I like in a driver. He knows the world of motor sport doesn?t begin and end with Formula 1, and has said before he would like to give rallying a try.

Jenson Button

A 24 hour race is all about endurance and I think Button?s smooth, unruffled style would be a prefect fit.

He?s quick but consistent, and he?d bring the car back in one piece. Looking at some of the incidents from Melbourne, Bahrain, Monte-Carlo and Montreal this year I?m not sure I?d trust Kimi Raikkonen or Lewis Hamilton to do the same.

Button is often excellent in changing weather conditions as well, as he showed in his maiden win two years ago, which is essential in a race which lasts for a day.

So that’s my Franco-Anglo-Polish squad. Who would you pick from the 2008 F1 grid for a Le Mans 24 Hour team?