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The Times? free digital archive captures 45 years of Formula 1 history 13th June 2008, 19:39

The Times newspaper has made two centuries of its archives freely available on the internet. A vast amount of F1 history is contained in this excellent resource. Here are seven examples I found with a quick search but make sure you have a look at the archive too.

2009 F1 driver rumours

An interesting new rumour about the 2009 F1 driver line-up puts Fernando Alonso at Honda alongside Jenson Button next year. Do you believe it? And what should we make of these other rumours about who goes where in 2009?

Engine rules and the F1 monopoly

Over at F1 Insight Clive is concerned about possible future F1 engine regulations: The FIA seem to want every engine involved to produce the same amount of power. Where is the logic in that unless what they really want is a spec formula? There are rumours the FIA wants to extend its control over F1 […]

Canadian Grand Prix circuit may change for 2009 but will it be necessary?

Before the Canadian Grand Prix when I asked if F1 had become too fast for the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Cooperman nailed the problem on the head: A bigger issue at Canada has to be why the tarmac reacts in such a way that only the racing line is anywhere near grippy. Why, when a driver […]

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