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Video: Jackie Stewart on driving style 16th June 2008, 20:27

In this fascinating video three-times F1 world champion Jackie Stewart talks about how racing drivers refine their technique for different racing circuits, how cars are developed throughout a Formula 1 season, and how drivers co-operate with their engineers to refine it to their style.

2008 French GP preview: McLaren tactics

Lewis Hamilton is not the first person to receive a grid penalty for a race before the weekend has even started. But this weekend’s French Grand prix will be the first time a leading driver has gone into an event knowing he will drop ten places. Despite this Hamilton last week said he was “quite […]

2008 F1 testing round-up 13: Catalunya

Nine F1 teams tested at the Circuit de Catalunya last week – Force India were absent from the test. Each day’s running saw a little rain, but not very much, and the cars typically completed around 80 laps each. Here’s what they were doing and how they go on:

F1 Fanatic Forum now open!

Recently I’ve noticed some of you haven’t been able to find the right post to talk about the latest piece of F1 news. So I decided to create a forum on the site where we can discuss everything to do with F1 there isn’t room or time to cover on the blog. You can give […]

Ecclestone rattles his sabre again

Bernie Ecclestone is not ready to step back from the risk of dragging F1 into civil war according to an interview in The Times (usually Ecclestone’s preferred newspaper for this sort of annuncement). He has again raised the possibility of F1 splitting from the FIA: What the FIA doesn’t have, which is the most important […]

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