Video: Jackie Stewart on driving style

In this fascinating video three-times F1 world champion Jackie Stewart talks about how racing drivers refine their technique for different racing circuits, how cars are developed throughout a Formula 1 season, and how drivers co-operate with their engineers to refine it to their style.

This video was supplied by RBS.

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10 comments on “Video: Jackie Stewart on driving style”

  1. Tell me, why are the great people of Great Britain suffering through James Allen when we have gems like Sir Jackie still around?

    I remember watching him when I was a kid doing commentary the Indy 500 and other motorsports events on ABC. Loved every second of it.

    A few years ago on SPEED, he and David Hobbs did commentary of Jackie’ final win, the 1973 German Grand Prix. I recently found it on YouTube and probably have watched it 20-30 times.

    Part One:
    Part Two:

  2. Very, very interesting video. The first and more important thing, very amazing for me it´s that i could understood it completely, quite a challenge for me ;)

    It seems he knows very well what is he talking about, it is clear that he has to be blamed for the some of the success of stewart team, He does not only know, but seems to have heard a lot from nowadays formula 1. I think is a pity no team is having his services, he could do a great job helping noob drivers, right know i´m thinking lewis hamilton could take a break for this video.
    And also very interesting the nurburgring comments

  3. JYS is a legend! And a very articulate legend at that. I’ve yet to read his autobiography – and I have been dying to get my hands on it since it came out. He brought out a book on ‘Principles of Performance Driving’ years and years ago, in the 80s I think – if you enjoyed this video, you’ll love that book.

  4. JYS has Senna’s ability to mesmerise. He explains things in a way that are totally absorbing to those who are well informed but understandable to those who are not.

  5. Steven Roy…you hit the nail right on the head,Senna’s same style of speaking,he knows what he is talking about and draws you in and explains in more simple terms without talking down to people,he truly loves this sport and wants everyone to understand why they should too.

    I need a guitar teacher with that kind of passion.

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