FIA set to allow tyre warmers in 2009

Red Bull tyre warmer, Bahrain, 2008, 470150

The FIA is expected to back down from its proposed ban on tyre warmers for the 2009 F1 season at the World Motor Sports Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

A ban on tyre warmers had been proposed for next year along with the re-introduction of slick tyres.

However the FIA is now understood to believe that in order to make a ban successful it would have to stipulate a minimum pressure for cold tyres, and teams would respond by creating more costly devices to mimic the effect of tyre warmers.

The issue of tyre warmers has been divisive. Immediately after the first test without them in December last year David Coulthard said the difference in pressures was a severe danger.

Most F1 Fanatic readers were against the ban when we did a poll on it in April but the last debate we had on it was more balanced.

Tyre warmers are banned in most other major single-seater series and I’m really not convinced a ban in F1 is unworkable. However there have been strong words of concern from several drivers including Nico Rosberg over the tyre warmers ban.

Is the FIA making a tactical concession on an argument it doesn’t expect to win and doesn’t wish to fight?

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21 comments on FIA set to allow tyre warmers in 2009

  1. Sassan said on 24th June 2008, 15:17

    I agree Donwatters.

    I do feel it is a shame that the law won’t be enforced because even the Ross Brawn was for the ban. Well i do feel next year with the low downforce, the ban on tyre warmers could of been another step back towards our goal of bringing back proper racing.

    The FIA i’m sure after 2009 will ban it and maybe even afterwards will ban re – fuelling. Ha Ha the day that will happen.

  2. Sush said on 24th June 2008, 18:59

    I doubt they will ban refuelling.

    the rig costs $1mil apparently.

  3. michael counsell said on 24th June 2008, 20:51

    What would have stopped the teams putting the tyres in some kind of oven (rather than tyre warmers) or would the FIA have mandated that the the tyres were kept in cold conditions rehualted to a certain temperature… It would just have been further expense and hassle.

  4. Gman said on 25th June 2008, 1:29

    I’m not an experienced motorsports fan or a scientific expert, so I’ll leave the discussion on the use of tire warmers to those who know about it here. The question in my mind is if the FIA is looking for some cheap publicity in the wake of the recent scandal and threats by some to form a breakaway series. Not having the ban in place would be a seemingly easy way to throw a bone to the teams and get some cheap PR with many fans who view this as a real safety issue. Dose anyone here see it the same way?

  5. michael counsell said on 25th June 2008, 2:01

    Depends if you think every decision made is part of a big conspiracy and most people seem to, judging by the discussions about every article that that mentions the FIA.

  6. f1freak said on 25th June 2008, 12:58

    bloody hell thats a lot ov money.r u sure abt that…..

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