Poll: Should drivers keep their numbers?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nigel Mansell, Williams-Honda, 1987, 470150

27. 46. 5. Some numbers are instantly recognisable to motor racing fans being linked with one driver – whether it’s Gilles Villeneuve, Valentino Rossi, Nigel Mansell, or someone else.

At present F1 drivers either get the number 1 if they won the world champioship, or else have to take a number based on their team’s position in the world championship. But should they get to keep a number if they choose? Cast your vote below:

Should drivers get to keep their numbers?

  • Yes (66%)
  • No (34%)

Total Voters: 346

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By the way, the highest number ever used by a driver in an F1 race is 136 and only two drivers have used the number 13 – see here for more:

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