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Michael Schumacher, Benetton, TI Aida, 1994, 470150

A quick round-up of links I’ve bookmarked on StumbleUpon this week including bad sportsmanship in F1, Ferrari building a new simulator, and British winners of their home race. Read on for more.

Top 10 displays of bad sportsmanship – F1 is in the top two places. Still think Senna’s on Prost was worse than Schumacher’s on Hill, but that wasn’t against a British driver was it?

Read more about the 1994 F1 season: 1994 F1 season history

Do you know this man? Max does – Mohammad Bin Sulayem played a big role in Max Mosley’s survival during the FIA sex candal.

The British winners of the British Grand Prix – Excellent new series from Ollie on British drivers who won their home race.

Moog tapped to produce Ferrari simulator – Ferrari to produce a Formula 1 simulator to rival McLaren’s.

Renault R26 Formula One car on video – Sky drive Alonso’s motor.

Blame Whitmarsh, not Hamilton, for recent mistakes – Fifth Decade lies the blame for Hamilton’s disastrous form in the last two races at the feet of McLaren COO Martin Whitmarsh.

Juan Pablo Montoya: NASCAR is better than F1 – The Times is now running free adverts for NASCAR. This story from page 69 of Monday’s newspaper features the phrase “Sky Sports has exclusive coverage of each Nascar race for the next two years”. Sky Sports and The Times are both owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Trulli stops in at MIS – Jarno Trulli on NASCAR: “It’s not so easy as people think. Juan is having a bit of a hard time. The racing is very tough.”

Podium to push Toyota further forward – “It is also a true podium finish – there was no race incident involved. So it was really our position.” I was glad to see Toyota take a podium at such a sad time for a team but let’s not kid ourselves – had Heikki Kovalainen started where he should he would not have ended the race behind Jarno Trulli.

Sebastien Bourdais – Interview with Sebastien Bourdais where he gives a glimpse of how Toro Rosso is different from McLaren.

GPDA: Union or Lobby Group – Drivers’ threat of strike is another sign the FIA’s unilateral power is not good for F1, argues F1 Underground.

F1 2008 – Halfway through the championship, who’s going to win it?

Ferrari launches new magazine, next phase of ‘Formula Oumo’ – Pics of Ferrari’s ultra-exclusive owners’ magazine.

F1 clubs survey – I had an email from Daniel Schaffer asking if I could publicise his F1 clubs survey.

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21 comments on F1 blogs & more: Bad sportsmanship

  1. George said on 30th June 2008, 16:20

    Internet – I hate to be pedantic, but Kimi won 9 GPs and touched the hem of the World Championship twice in a McLaren. I’m a massive Montoya fan, but even I have to admit that Raikkonen (for a variety of reasons) got the better of him in equal equipment over the long haul.

  2. George said on 30th June 2008, 16:25

    Keith – re post 3 – I’m glad to see someone else who thinks that Montoya was robbed at Indy in ’03, and who shares my frustration that RACERS are discouraged from out and out RACING in F1. I felt the same way about the Hamilton penalty in France, and said as much – we moan that there is no racing, and then debate whether or not those who do race should be penalised or not!

    Montoya remains, above all things, a racer – and a terrifyingly brave one at that with an immense level of natural talent(you only have to watch the footage of him racing wheel to wheel with Michael Andretti in the 2000 Michigan 500 to see that). It’s a tragedy that he is lost to F1, which is the poorer for it.

    It genuinely pains me to watch Juan Pablo in a NASCAR, but if he is happy, then who are we to judge?

  3. Internet said on 30th June 2008, 19:19

    @16 George:

    Many would say that Kimi got better of Montoya only because he got preferential treatment at McLaren.

  4. Well, that article in the mirror is wrong anyway. McLaren were not found guilty of obtaining technical data from Ferrari, nor did Renault get Ferrari secrets from McLaren (although I am sure I don’t have to explain it to you guys again, so I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

    I did think though, for a British paper & list that us Antipodeans featured heavily :/ Did we just win at the cricket or something?

  5. the limit said on 1st July 2008, 3:53

    Hi guys.

    As I said, I knew my comments were going to upset some of you, very interested in all of your opinions on Montoya. For some unknown reason, I have always harboured a deep personal dislike for him, as if it didn’t show right? I guess I am not all that good at hiding my emotions.
    I suppose reading JPM’s comments about F1 made me lose my rag a bit, but my passion for the sport is so great that I take these things a little bit to heart.
    Its just that when Michael Schumacher speaks, or Mansell, or Prost, you listen. You listen because they have won championships, achieved the greatest success.
    If Juan Pablo had walked away in 2006 as a champion, I would have been the first to say, ok, you’ve cracked it.
    The bottom line is that his F1 career ended on a huge sour note, and a once promising career was gone with so much unaccomplished.
    To say that it ‘was EASY’. You race for two of the greatest teams in F1 history for five years and win seven races. And it ‘was easy’.
    I’m sorry boys, I know you like Montoya and miss him in F1, but I find that comment hard to take.

  6. George said on 1st July 2008, 11:55

    Internet – only those who fundamentally misunderstand the way that McLaren goes motor racing, much as Alonso did last year. Preferential treatment is not the McLaren way. There are certainly reasons why Montoya was not as successful as Raikkonen at the wheel of a McLaren, but ‘preferential treatment’ was certainly not one of them.

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