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ITV F1 TV ratings grow slowly 2nd July 2008, 17:00

ITV’s F1 coverage comes to an end this year and the BBC are taking over for 2009. The corporation might have done well out of the change, as it appears F1 audiences are growing in Britain at the moment. But is this a sustainable, long-term increase in dedicated F1 followers, or ‘fair-weather fans’ who only […]

McLaren want more openness in F1 – they should start with their own pit wall

Martin Whitmarsh been banging the drum for more open communication between F1 and its fans: I think for us to maintain and develop our fanbase we have to make better use of Formula One as an asset. Those of us that are involved in it have not yet done a good enough job to provide […]

2008 British Grand Prix preview: Toyota vs Red Bull vs Renault vs Williams

Behind the top three of Ferrari, McLaren and BMW the battle among the midfield teams is just as excitingly close. Not least because it’s two factory teams versus their two customers: 4. Red Bull-Renault 24 5. Toyota 23 6. Williams-Toyota 15 7. Renault 12 Toyota made a major step forward in France, scoring their first […]

Video: British Grand Prix history 1950-76

F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer begins a three-part series looking back at highlights from the British Grand Prix. We now go to Silverstone for the 60th British Grand Prix. As it’s the 60th, there have been special celebrations planned to mark the occasion. We’ll have our own little celebration by going through the British Grand […]

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