Do you use earplugs at F1 races?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine


Judging by the number of entries to the Kangaroo TV competition last week plenty of you are heading to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix this weekend.

So where do you all stand on the controversial question of earplugs? Are they an essential part of an F1 weekend, or do they ruin the exhilarating blast of noise from 20 F1 V8 engines?

Mechanics who work on F1 engines know the importance of wearing earplugs to protect their hearing.

But for fans who probably only get to see F1 cars in the metal once a year, and are several metres away behind high fences, are ear plugs really necessary?

I think so – and I always wear ear defenders at F1 racers. Partly for the benefit of my hearing, but also so I can plug in earphones and listen to the race coverage on the radio so I can hear what?s going on.

Which do you choose ?ǣ ear plugs, ear defenders, or naked ears?

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