Poll: Which F1 teams do you like?

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Yesterday a discussion about McLaren turned onto the question of which F1 teams are the most popular.

So here’s a quick poll to find out. Which teams do you like? Vote below…

Which F1 teams do you like? (Select as many as you wish)

  • Ferrari (13%)
  • BMW (17%)
  • McLaren (13%)
  • Red Bull (11%)
  • Toyota (4%)
  • Williams (16%)
  • Renault (8%)
  • Honda (7%)
  • Toro Rosso (6%)
  • Force India (7%)

Total Voters: 1,352

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Interpreting any results we get from this poll will inevitably lead to questions about what country most F1 Fanatic readers are from. So here’s a guide based on the last month:

1. United Kingdom 34.71%
2. United States 16.10%
3. Canada 4.27%
4. Australia 4.10%
5. Poland 3.22%
6. Spain 2.81%
7. India 2.39%
8. Germany 2.16%
9. Brazil 1.93%
10. France 1.73%
11. Sweden 1.43%
12. Italy 1.30%
13. Netherlands 1.29%
14. Finland 1.25%
15. Ireland 1.13%
16. Hungary 1.02%
17. Greece 0.96%
18. Belgium 0.96%
19. Singapore 0.94%
20. South Africa 0.91%

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60 comments on “Poll: Which F1 teams do you like?”

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  1. Such a shame that Super Aguri isn’t on that list

  2. Agree on that, last year super aguri really caught me, made the better with the lesser, really great. Shame on Honda buuuh

  3. Keith,

    It is a pity that Brazil has an insignificant representatively on your board of global readers. Here we have a huge and consistent quantity of McLaren fans, cultivated in Senna´s days.

    They could make a huge difference on this poll.

    While Ferrari cultivated too much dislikes and an awful image to the fans in general, mainly because of Rubens shenanigans, Senna is spiritually remembered as strictly Mclaren driver. We prefer remember him driving a red white car instead of a blue white one that kill him.

    Anyway, the poll was a great idea.

  4. So that means only 1 person from Malaysia and 1 from the Philippines? (2 in the Philippines this weekend).

    I follow Kimi, but no way i could vote for Ferrari.
    As for the great Senna i gave “his” vote to his major engine supplier! (and Williams)

  5. I voted all of them, apart from Mclaren.

    even though I’m a huge Heikki fan.

  6. Scott Joslin
    3rd July 2008, 18:17

    As it stands Williams out in front. Didn’t expect that one!

  7. William Wilgus
    3rd July 2008, 18:39

    I did the same as Sush: all except McLaren.

  8. I did the same as Sush and William Wilgus.

  9. @ Scott Joslin: I’m with you there, didn’t see that one coming.

    @ Sush & William Wilgus: Didn’t tick McLaren either but did tick a few others. Ticked Ferrari as I am an ardent Tifoso

  10. conclusive proof that Mclaren haters are more vocal than most.

    “everyone hates Mclaren, trust me, i’ve spoken to 4 guys who hate them on forums.”

  11. I never understood the appeal of Williams. I have never liked that team. I ticked BMW, Red Bull and Renault. Last year I might have ticked McLaren, but with all of the shenanigans and PR disasters they have been involved in over the past year or so has really put me off.

  12. i Hope with more Indians on the poll Ferrari will top the list, but one thing i can tell you is that Indians hate Mclaren for over-brooding on their drivers!! I need not take any names for sure..

  13. Becken – I agree but, unfortunately, I can’t speak Portuguese!

    Interestly Toyota are bottom so far, just as they were in the FIA survey two years ago.

  14. Looks like BMW (87 votes, 51%) has taken the lead now over Williams (85 votes, 50%).

    I expected Force India to do well (everyone loves the underdogs, or at least that’s why I like them – and for once the incarnation of this team have genuine prospects) – but not better than Torro Rosso, and especially not Honda. Force India almost tied with Renault!

    I think what would be an easier vote would be to see which team don’t people like. Almost dead cert that the top 90-95% votes will be McLaren/Ferrari…but I wonder if anyone actually dislikes Toyota. Just because you don’t vote for them doesn’t mean you dislike them….could just be a bit apathetic towards them.

  15. Good point Loki, there are teams that i don’t care for and there are teams that I’m indifferent to, Toyota falls in the latter.

    “I follow Kimi, but no way i could vote for Ferrari.”

    So do most drivers on the grid, and they wouldn’t vote for Ferrari either : )

  16. @Abishek:

    That’s true. I haven’t met a single Indian in real life or online that was not a Ferrari fanatic or who didn’t hate McLaren. When the popularity of F1 booms in India, McLaren will be one of the most hated teams.

  17. Keith,

    I´d really love to see a poll like this one after Monza 2006. Would be interesting how the “Alonso factor” and the “pseudo” FIA bias pro Ferrari could shift a result in a different direction than we are seeing now.

    McLaren with Alonso in January/2007 could be more popular than they are now and today is suffering with the “Alonso/Lewis saga”.

    I think that this kind of “popularity” is very circumstantial, depending of factor likes who are the drivers, how the team is competitive and what controversy are on the headlines, etc.

    I think you should do a poll like that to the drivers too but I think that Clive will love this result so far…

  18. Robert McKay
    3rd July 2008, 21:38

    I voted for Mclaren, Red Bull, Williams and BMW.

    And anyone else who’ll take on Ferrari, so a couple years ago I’d have had Renault too. I’m not a big Ferrari fan :-D

    Not surprised to see Toyota bottom. Toyota’s ratio of achievement to money spent is only outweighed by the blandness of their corporate brand and their presence in F1. If I remember rightly they were bottom of the FIA/AMD survey as well in the popularity stakes.

  19. Well, whoever said for every Ferrari Fan there is a McLaren Fan was right at this point – 82 votes each.

    I wonder if there is anyone who voted for both McLaren AND Ferrari. Unlikely, but I wouldn’t say McLaren and Ferrari aren’t at each others throats like Rangers and Celtic – it’s a bit more civilised. (Sorry, I don’t know anything about football if you’re unfamiliar with these teams then stick in the biggest football rivalry you know).

  20. OK, I have to ask, why do so many Indian fans apparently hate McLaren?

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