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British Grand Prix switches to Donington Park from 2010. Really? 4th July 2008, 16:09

The FIA has put out a media release claiming the British Grand Prix will switch to from Silverstone to Donington Park in 2010. This is a surprising announcement for several reasons. Not least because the news has been put out jointly by Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone, whereas usually these matters are solely Formula One […]

2008 British Grand Prix predictions

Who’s going to win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone? Read my podium predictions and make your own below…

Video: British GP history 1993-2008

This is the last part of Journeyer’s guide to the history of the British Grand Prix. Here’s part one and part two. 1994: After Nigel Mansell retired from F1 for the first time (or the second, depending how you look at it), it was Damon Hill who became the British F1 hero. Although not as […]

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