2009 F1 game will be sim – Codemasters

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Formula 1 World Championship Edition, Playstation 3

Codemasters’ 2009 F1 game will be a simulator as well as an arcade-style racing game according to one of the company’s executive producers.

The producer, who posts as ‘Uncle Chewy’ on the Codemasters forum and worked on racing titles “Colin McRae: DIRT” and “Race Driver: GRID” said the F1 game will be significantly different from those titles (emphasis added):

GRID and DiRT are aimed at an arcade audience and they do that very well. F1 has different requirements and will get a completely different treatment from our in-house team, including full on sim options, physics, rules and regs etc. We will also have arcade requirements catered for as well. How this will be split we do not know yet, but split it will be.

This news will surely be welcomed by the many fans who responded to the 2009 F1 game wish list asking for arcade and simulation modeos in the game.

It’s really encouraging to see how Codemasters are listening and responding to F1 fans and I hope they take on board many of the suggestions in the wish list – not just mine, but many of yours too:

  • “Include a ??coaching?? segment to actually tell people how to do it right” – Fred Scheckter
  • “Why don?t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.” – Dom
  • “For a proper career mode they could include the junior racing categories that f1 drivers go through – karts, Formula Ford, Formula BMW, Formula Renault, Formula 3, GP2 etc.” – Mute
  • “They need to take a look at how detailed Geoff Crammonds GrandPrix 4 was, in terms of being able to change all aspects of the car, the ride heights/springs/dampers/brakes/gear ratios/wing angles. etc.” – Ross
  • “Convincing damage modelling! If I touch a barrier or another car I don?t want to just bounce off it. I want to see carbon fibre literring the track and affecting the driving line.” – Andrew
  • More of your suggestions

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  1. put f1 09 on ps2 as well

  2. I did a thread on superlience for fair racing the other day

  3. I did a thread on superlience for fair racing online the other day

  4. will that game be on ps2?? because that would be cool

  5. epa_punisher
    29th March 2009, 10:46

    should be based on the 09 season. career mode should be like the one on f1 05. loved that game. MUST have online.

  6. epa_punisher
    29th March 2009, 10:49

    oh and i forgot should have online rankings and teams

  7. looks good hope it will be

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