Inside the Paddock Club with Ferrari

Paddock pass, 470150

At the British Grand Prix on Friday I had the chance to enjoy some hospitality courtesy of Shell and Ferrari. It was my first chance to see inside the Formula 1 Paddock Club, an exclusive venue where Formula 1 teams and major suppliers can entertain their clients.

Here’s a photo tour of the Paddock Club and Ferrari’s hospitality. It was an excellent experience which I’m very grateful to them for providing.

F1 Paddock pass

My Paddock Club pass.

Entering the F1 Paddock Club

On the way in. The sign reads: “Guests with a pacemaker should contact security officials for assistance before approaching any electronic turnstiles”.

Ferrari Paddock Club entrance

Inside Ferrari’s marque in the Paddock Club. Several F1 portraits and models were on display including this cabient with what I assume were models of Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen’s helmets.

Ferrari Paddock Club

Further inside pieces of Ferrari bodywork were hung like small sculptures. To the left of this were a few PlayStation 3s running Gran Turismo 5 with, of course, the F1 Ferrari set as the default car.

Paddock Club Centre

The wine and food was predictably exquisite.

The Paddock Club - food at Ferrari

The menu included:

  • Seared tuna with ginger, deep fried prawns in a basket with balsamic (pictured).
  • Selection of meats including stry fry beef, grilled lamb, grilled pork and vegetable options iincluding risotto and various other dishes
  • Dessert was a poached pear with lemon ice cream and a french pastry

Paddock Club Centre

The teams’ marques were arranged around a central Entertainment Tent.

Paddock Club Centre

Goodies on offer in the tent included ice cream, sweets, chocolate and candy floss. There was also a bar in the centre.

Paddock Club Centre

Also in the Paddock Club Entertainment Tent was an artist doing F1 paintings.

Paddock Club Centre

DJ Tone C from Paris played mellow house music from behind a giant live timing screen. You can achieve the same effect at home using and WinAmp.

Paddock Club Centre

A Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren convertible was on display outside the Paddock Club. But to give you an idea how well-heeled the visitors were, there was one in the car park as well. And a Ferrari F40.

Paddock Club grandstand

Paddock Club members also had use of a grandstand overlooking Priory which was an excellent vantage point. You can see some of the pictures I took from it here: Pictures: Friday at Silverstone.

Paddock Club Renault

Renault had an F1 car parked in their section of the Paddock Club. I think it was a 2005 R25 with the 2008 season livery.

Paddock Club Ferrari

I signed the guest book on my way out and, as ever, couldn’t resist the opportunity for a bit of self-promotion.

Paddock Club details

Some information on the Paddock Club.

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19 comments on Inside the Paddock Club with Ferrari

  1. D Winn said on 8th July 2008, 23:08

    I wouldn’t mind some of that ice cream and a french tart :)

  2. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 8th July 2008, 23:50

    Well officially, of course, I was not looking. My girlfriend has her spies everywhere and were my eyes caught wandering I’d be on washing-up duty for a month. And I hate washing-up.

    Unofficially… nothing to write home about. Sorry guys :)

    I didn’t spot any VIPs although we did get a chat from Luca Colajanni over lunch and we got to ask questions. I did put my hand up and asked him if he thought Ferrari’s performance advantage over their rivals was shrinking. He referred to McLaren as ‘the grey cars’ or something like that which I thought was funny! I understand ‘team grey’ had Gordon Ramsey and family visiting but I didn’t see them.

  3. Chaz said on 9th July 2008, 21:39

    You lucky so and so. You really deserve this for all the great work you do. Frankly I’m envious and jealous (smile)

  4. Jake said on 10th August 2008, 1:47

    Looks great shame i didnt see this earlier as I had a spare paddock access pass for the weekend.

    you bump into the drivers and vips all over the place in there

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