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2008 half-term driver rankings part 1 9th July 2008, 15:00

The half-way point in the season has passed and it’s time to pass judgement on the performances of each of the drivers so far. Who have been the best and worst drivers so far this year? Here’s my verdict – as ever do share yours as we go along.

Kovalainen, Hamilton and tyre wear

Heikki Kovalainen gave a revealing assessment of his performance in the British Grand Prix: I just struggled with my rear tyres all the way through the race, to be honest. They were going away and I was damaging them excessively. The car control became difficult and I had to slow down. This was the reason […]

Sebastian Vettel probably at Red Bull in 2009 ?ǣ so who will be at Toro Rosso?

After announcing his retirement from Formula 1 at the British Grand Prix this weekend, David Coulthard heaped praise on up and coming Toro Rosso driver Sebastian Vettel saying he, “has everything a future F1 winner needs.” Vettel has long been tipped to take Coulthard?s seat at Red Bull. Coulthard?s words of praise probably were a […]

Has Russia snubbed F1 for FIA GT race?

In February new rumours came to light that Bernie Ecclestone was trying to arrange a Russian Grand Prix at St Petersburg. This has been a goal of his for some time as he tries to bring F1 into the world’s biggest emerging markets. However the FIA GT series has just announced plans for a race […]

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