2008 half-term driver rankings part 2

Felipe Massa,  Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica, Heikki Kovalainen, Istanbul, 2008, 470150

Continuing the driver rankings for the first part of 2008 here is the first part of the top ten.

Don?t miss the top three tomorrow ?ǣ and share your thoughts on the drivers? performances below.

10 Nick Hedifeld

2007 ranking: 4

Last year Heidfeld surprised many by leading his team mate Robert Kubica home home more often than not. But over the winter the banning of traction control and associated loss of engine braking, plus the transition from the F1.07 to F1.08, all seems to have played into Kubica?s hands.

Heidfeld has mainly struggled with getting his tyres up to temperature on qualifying runs. After taking time at a test to address this he believes he has now conquered the problem, and his Q2 time at Silverstone within hundredths of Kubica supports his claim, but the damage to his season has already been done.

Ben in the forum said:

Most disappointing driver so far this year. He is in his eighth year in F1, I think he may be a steady Eddie – in F1 for ages with little big success. Sad about this though because he seems like a cool guy and he blew everyone away in F3000.

9 Sebastian Vettel

2007 ranking: 14

Vettel struggled to get to the end of races in the first part of the season, but that was largely down to problems not of his own making.

But he has flourished since the STR3 arrived and took it to fifth on its first appearance in Monaco, from 19th in the grid. Vettel clearly revelled in the wet conditions and it was a pit not to see what he might hae achieved from eighth on the grid in the rain at Silverstone before David Coulthard took him out. Vettel is likely to take Coulthard’s place at Red Bull next year.

8 Mark Webber

2007 ranking: 9

At last Webber has a car that is both quick and consistent. And he is making excellent use of it, finishing in the points with greater regularity than at any other time in his career to date.

He is one of the best qualifiers in Formula 1 ?ǣ as his fine second place on the grid last weekend showed. His disastrous performance on the Sunday has been the only blip in his otherwise very solid form.

M Smith on the forum said:

Webber has really impressed me this season. Having the same amount of points as Kovalinen show how good a season he is having. 4th was on the cards at Canada if Red Bull had moved him to a one-stopper. Madness there.

7 Jarno Trulli

2007 ranking: 12

Jarno Trulli, Toyota, Istanbul, 2008, 470150

Suddenly Toyota is fourth in the constructors? championship. How did that happen? Most of it is down to Trulli, who has regularly beaten his junior team mate into the top ten.

He even seems to have consigned the ??Trulli train? to history ?ǣ after qualifying fourth at Magny-Cours he raced to the podium against the expectations of many. I?m going to have to stop making jokes about it in the Live Blog.

6 Heikki Kovalainen

2007 ranking: 7

Nine races in and Heikki Kovalainen?s McLaren career has yielded a single podium. But he has been plagued by misfortune in a way his illustrious team mate has not: an ill-timed safety car appearance at Melbourne, electrical failure on the grid at Monaco, and of course that disastrous wheel failure at Barcelona.

He has shown enough pace to worry Lewis Hamilton on occasions ?ǣ out-qualifying him with more fuel on board at Istanbul for example. There have been fewer mistakes from Kovalainen too although he just couldn?t live with his team mate?s speed in the wet at Silverstone.

5 Fernando Alonso

2007 ranking: 3

Fernando Alonso, Renault, Magny-Cours, 2008, 470150

He may be back at Renault but, as last year, there are some tensions between driver team, albeit far less destructive ones. Alonso seems to be preoccupied with getting the best results at individual races rather than consistently gathering points in the lower half of the top eight. He is a twice champion after all. But a more conservative approach might have him and Renault higher in their respective championships.

The gambles haven?t always worked and have brought him into conflict with the team. He criticised the strategy used at Montreal and repeatedly asked for extreme wet weather tyres at Monaco before the car got away from him while he was on full wets. Spinning on the formation lap at his home race was another lowlight. But the season opener at Melbourne showed Alonso in his best light ?ǣ combative and opportunistic, stealing a fourth place that shouldn?t have been there by piling pressure on Kovalainen.

4 Felipe Massa

2007 ranking: 6

Massa has had a down-up-down kind of season. His first two races were terrible, all the fears about him struggling to cope with a traction control-free F1 car apparently realised. He binned his F2008 at the first corner at Melbourne, and threw away second place at Sepang with a spin.

After that it was if some clicked and suddenly Massa could win as he pleased. Was this just because of tracks like Istanbul and Bahrain where he seems to shine? The jury?s still out on that one. Confusing the situation further, after a composed drive to third at a wet Monaco he looked all sea in the rain at Silverstone and finished a disastrous 13th after five spins. Nonetheless, he is still a joint leader of the championship.

Francis in the forum said:

I’m also impressed by Felipe Massa , since the first two races he’s much more consistent with his pace across the calendar – not just winning in his traditional haunts.

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40 comments on 2008 half-term driver rankings part 2

  1. Nirupam said on 11th July 2008, 11:50

    I fully agree your view “A driver can only go as fast as the car can go”, thats why Lewis/Massa/Kimi are in a three way tie right now and Alonso is in ninth! Do you think Lewis/Kimi/Massa would have been able to be where they are now with R28 instead of their respective cars?
    If you can remember, during past three years, when Alonso got cars with winning capability, Alonso ran 53 races, finishing 49 times (92.45%), 41 podium finishes(18 1s, 16 2s, 7 3s-77.36%). Not only that, out of 49 finishes, he missed points only once (Hungary 2005).

  2. Internet said on 11th July 2008, 12:58

    @Nirupam: The statistics are impressive, but this season he has lost too many valuable WCC points and places for Renault by driving over what the car is capable of.

  3. Nirupam said on 11th July 2008, 14:03

    That is exactly what I want to mean.. That car is not even capable of finishing 6th/7th consistently. May be had Alonso not taken the risks he wud have helped Renault get a few points(only a few though!). But even after considering those, there would not have been much difference for Renault at WCC

  4. Internet said on 11th July 2008, 14:20

    I believe each WCC point earns Renault a substantial amount of money. Had Alonso not thrown away points he would most likely be ahead of Webber and Renault ahead of Williams.

  5. Nirupam said on 11th July 2008, 14:43

    Well…seems like we are far from the actual topic..I would suggest Keith to make another article in this forum titled Performance of Alonso and Renault this year so far.

  6. Trig said on 12th July 2008, 2:36

    I’d put Webber well ahead of Trulli, Kovi and Alonso this year…. Although Silverstone wasn’t his finest hour, he’s clearly outperformed those 3 all year.

    Kovi has had terrible luck though…

  7. Fireblade said on 12th July 2008, 14:18

    -I think that Alonso has done till now a great job on the relatively slow Renault…Piquet on the other side is a complete failure…several mistakes (twice in e.g. spain) put him in a really weak position.Other drivers with the same car would have achieved definetly better results.
    -For me Kimi is still my favorite driver….he knows how to score even under the worst circumstances.He even knows how to handle pressure on the circuit.
    The latter is a point I completely miss when I remember his team mate Massa who easily loses concentration-even when he is not under pressure- (spinnng in Sepang,drift in Monaco) and usually wins only when he starts from the front row.Once leading ,the result of the race is almost determined!The F1 racing magazine made a statistic about the 2007 season saying that he is the driver who did the most overtaking maneuvers.Still missing great results!
    -Kubica is the underdog…but he only won when all of his main contenders where out! (Montreal).But I expect much more from him!!
    -Lewis Hamilton was very lucky in Monaco.The French GP was a disaster..But he proved in Silverstone to be a 1st league driver.But still I do not think that he will win the championship this year.When the Scuderia Ferrari is working excellent in terms of startegy and absence of technical failure,no one can beat them.And this is definetly something one has to keep in mind!

  8. Mick said on 14th July 2008, 8:55

    I think to put things in perspective, Renault is not as good a car as the Toyota and the Red Bull. The consistency is there, but with out and out pace, it has been lacking in most tracks and ony aggressive strategy has got it up on the grid.

    So that said, Alonso is better than Trulli and Webber. There is no doubt that he is better than Massa.

    Top three thus far:

    1. Kubica
    2. Kimmi
    3. Hammy

  9. sumedh said on 16th July 2008, 6:23

    How can you rate trulli and webber above heikki and Alonso?
    Heikki has been abysmal this year. And Alonso has done no breath-taking performances that were expected from him in this year’s lottery races ( Monaco, Silverstone, Magny Cours). He did well only at Australia.
    Alonso has been beaten by 4 drivers to the podium: Rosberg, Trulli, Coulthard, Rubens (in a HONDA)

    for me:
    8) Heikki
    7) Alonso
    6) Trulli
    5) Webber

  10. sumedh said on 16th July 2008, 6:25

    it should be “8 )” and not “8)”

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