Donington Park 2010 British Grand Prix track – your design predictions

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British Touring Car Championship, Donington, 2008, 470150

After the news the British Grand Prix would be going to Donington Park in 2010 one of the Donington circuit owners remarked on television:

If I touch anything from Redgate to MacLeans I’ll be lynched.

If the classic Donington Park circuit’s fast, flowing corners were chopped to make it F1-friendly it would be a terrible waste. The news that Hermann Tilke is handling the re-designed may not fill F1 fans with optimism about the new Donington Park. So how would you change the track to make it big enough to accommodate F1?

A glance at a satellite map makes it clear that if the circuit owners can only work with what they have within the current perimeter of the track their options are very limited.

I sketched out a possible extension below using Quikmaps:

See the Donington Park circuit as it was used for the 1993 European Grand Prix here: F1 circuits history part 11: 1990-3

But this hypothetical track has its problems. Will the current pit and paddock be big enough for the usual complement of F1 transporters? Would it be long enough to meet the FIA’s criteria for circuit length?

ITV’s Ted Kravitz mentioned some other potential problems with the current track:

Run-off area and gravel traps are too small for current F1 standards.

The signature bump in the road under the Dunlop Bridge would have to be ground down.

If you want you can try your hand at designing a new Donington Park track using Quikmaps – here are some instructions and post links to your tracks below.

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