Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll)

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Two weeks ago I asked you to select which F1 teams you like to find out which were the most popular.

BMW came out on top, just ahead of Williams, with Toyota in last. You can see the full results of the poll here.

Now let’s find out which are the most popular drivers. Cast your votes below.

As before you can vote for more than one driver, so select the drivers you like:

Which F1 drivers do you like? (Select one or more)

  • Kimi Raikkonen (4%)
  • Felipe Massa (2%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (1%)
  • Robert Kubica (67%)
  • Fernando Alonso (8%)
  • Nelson Piquet Jnr (0%)
  • Nico Rosberg (1%)
  • Kazuki Nakajima (1%)
  • David Coulthard (2%)
  • Mark Webber (2%)
  • Jarno Trulli (1%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Sebastien Bourdais (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (1%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (2%)
  • Adrian Sutil (1%)
  • Giancarlo Fisichella (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (1%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (2%)

Total Voters: 21,567

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197 comments on “Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll)”

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  1. Keith, it only allows us to select 1 driver at any given time. Fix the bug? Thanks! :)

  2. Done – sorry about that.

  3. Everyone apart from Mark Webber lol

  4. I remember watching the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix, thinking that Jarno Trulli was a rookie drifter who had simply got lucky in qualifying by lining up third on the grid. I figured that he would lose a few positions at the start, a few more on the first lap, and would finish the race somewhere out of the points.

    To my surprise he overtook Jacques Villeneuve at the first corner, and took the lead when Mika Hakkinen’s engine let him down on the first lap. Just to prove he was deserving of his position, Trulli pulled away from the field and set a string of fastest laps in the process.

    In my eyes a legend was born, and I have been a Jarno Trulli fan ever since. I just wish he could race like that more often!

  5. Keith, this should be something like an open poll all through the season. Basically, the point I am trying to make is that since are allowing people to select more than one driver, some of the drivers whom you may not like/support otherwise, but based on the performance of the last few races, you might be inclined to vote for him. For example, Felipe would take a huge beating in this poll, simply for his pathetic performance in Silverstone, but had this poll been taken after Monaco then maybe Kimi and Adrian might have got biased ratings. Anyways, just a thought, but maybe, next season on, you can include another two polls alongside the race poll, asking people which are the teams/drivers they liked the best.

  6. Like the teams, I’m not going to be sure of what to make of the results – I voted for most drivers, but I certainly like some drivers more than the others by quite a margin, and would rather see my favourites fayre better :p

    Plus I kinda felt sorry for the ones I’m indifferent to…so I think I put in a sympathy vote in somewhere (why, I don’t know – at the end of the day they get to drive an F1 and I don’t!).

  7. Keith, is it possible to make the poll show the results in ascending or descending order? Right now it’s hard to figure out the data in a quick glance.

  8. I have 19 favorites — everyone except Massa.

  9. Nothing wrong with Massa, he’s a happy little fella.

  10. Why don’t you like Massa then Kevin?

    Harkirat – I don’t know, do people really change which drivers they like that often?

  11. I voted for Quick Nick at the time when we could only vote for one driver.

    for his outstanding overtaking ability.

  12. Voted for quite a few. Sutil, Kimi, Heidfeld, Alonso, Barrichello and both the Red Bull drivers. If the poll was about drivers you absolutely adore, it would be Kimi and Alonso :)

  13. voted for Heidfeld, Button, Webber, Bourdais, Nakajima and Fisichella xP…

    strange they ALL count just 4 wins… but i like them…

    i like many of the drivers… it would have been easier for me a “which F1 driver do you dislike” poll… jeje

    everyone appart from Massa, Hamilton and Piquet Jnr. is fine for me

  14. Does Massa still deserve the hate? He’s won 3 races in the post-TC era.

    Maybe I’ve just gone soft.

  15. Fer no 65 – what does ‘jeje’ mean?

  16. Scott Joslin
    14th July 2008, 14:53

    Funny that despite a lot of people liking Williams in the last pole, none of their drivers are really big hitters in the favourite drivers stakes (at the moment). The team’s brand image and heritage must offer some other kind of appeal to racing fans.

  17. means: “LOL” or “ah ah” in spanish…

  18. I don’t know, there is always one driver that just irritates me to no end. In most seasons, that driver is the one who makes the most excuses.

    Massa only shows real pace on Tilke tracks on a sunny day. That to me says that there are more deserving all-around drivers who would perform much better (or more consistently at least) in his car. He’s certainly proven me wrong a couple of times this year, but I think that if he wins the Championship, or indeed, any Formula 1 World Championship, it will be through the other drivers’ mistakes and misfortunes rather than his own pace and racecraft. (One could argue that that’s how many if not all championships are won and lost, but I’m an idealist, and I still believe the idea of a ‘championship’ is to reward the driver with the greatest skill and speed over the course of the season.) He is happy-go-lucky, I’ll give him that.

    Keith: your recent article for F1 Pitlane went over huge with me! :)

  19. “Does Massa still deserve the hate? He’s won 3 races in the post-TC era.”

    I’m guessing that not everyone bases their likening to a driver on performance alone. (Otherwise most of the drivers won’t be doing as well as the top lineups).

    Although I’m quite surprised at people pointing out Massa so early in the poll, that wasn’t really expected! I don’t really rate him that highly as a driver, but he seems like a joyful and genuine little character that makes him somewhat likeable.

  20. Pedro Andrade
    14th July 2008, 15:12

    I would have voted for many of them, so I chose to vote only for the two I like best: Kubica and Vettel. Interesting to see that Kubica is now leading, is it because he’s doing so well now?

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