Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll)

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Two weeks ago I asked you to select which F1 teams you like to find out which were the most popular.

BMW came out on top, just ahead of Williams, with Toyota in last. You can see the full results of the poll here.

Now let’s find out which are the most popular drivers. Cast your votes below.

As before you can vote for more than one driver, so select the drivers you like:

Which F1 drivers do you like? (Select one or more)

  • Kimi Raikkonen (4%)
  • Felipe Massa (2%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (1%)
  • Robert Kubica (67%)
  • Fernando Alonso (8%)
  • Nelson Piquet Jnr (0%)
  • Nico Rosberg (1%)
  • Kazuki Nakajima (1%)
  • David Coulthard (2%)
  • Mark Webber (2%)
  • Jarno Trulli (1%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Sebastien Bourdais (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (1%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (2%)
  • Adrian Sutil (1%)
  • Giancarlo Fisichella (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (1%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (2%)

Total Voters: 21,567

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197 comments on Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll)

  1. Shahriar said on 14th July 2008, 16:37

    Kubica: A sheer talent
    Raikonnen: Ingenuity
    Alonso: Trust me he IS a great driver
    Massa: Sheer pace (I also get dissaponted on him often)
    Hamilton: i dont like him, i dont know why… but i admit this guy is fast and really can push to the limit.

  2. Dorian said on 14th July 2008, 16:44

    I can’t speak for the others Keith but I’m taking this poll rather literally, I ticked drivers that I like due to their personality (what very little I know of them). Though it must be said that if I rate their driving skill it naturally spills over to their ‘likeability’.

    A couple of examples.

    Voted for Raikkonen: Many people say that he is boring but I suspect that’s due to his less than enthusiastic press statements e.t.c. but from what I read of him about what he gets up to in his spare time he seems anything but boring. In fact I could imagine that none of his friends would call him boring but rather ‘wild’ in nature. Plus, he’s a fantastic F1 driver.

    Voted for Coulthard: Out of respect for his veteranship and the fact that he’s not afraid to say what he thinks without sounding conceited in anyway. However whilst I think he is a very competent driver, I don’t think he ever had the ‘X’ factor that true champions have.

    Didn’t vote for Hamilton: But I think Hamilton is one of the best drivers on the grid today. In the top 4 definitely. However I haven’t been able to warm to his personality. I don’t think he’s a bad person who beats up the elderly or shoots kittens or anything like that but there is a certain ‘smugness’ about him that I just cannot seem to shake. I want to like him……it just isn’t happening. That’s just me.

    So Keith, for me it was more about ‘likeability’ rather than ‘ability’ on the whole but sometimes to two are inter-related…

    Hope my one opinion helps…..

  3. Internet said on 14th July 2008, 17:01

    @F1Fan: I never understood all the fuss about Kimi and his “raw pace”. If he was so fast, where was he in 2006? I know you will try to excuse him by saying the car was a dog, but who’s to say that his apparent “raw pace” was only due to him having a better car under him than everyone else?

    This why I don’t like Kimi. Everyone treats him like god and fails to acknowledge his shortcomings. I like Hamilton but I will never defend him against his bad races and mistakes.

  4. TommyB said on 14th July 2008, 17:09

    Internet i agree with your point. I don’t dislike Kimi like you but people dislike Massa because he’s in a good car and has made a few mistakes but no one says the same about Kimi. Massas up there with kimi in the points standings for goodness sake

  5. your_motherrrrrr... said on 14th July 2008, 17:22

    I picked Kubica for consistency, Heidfeld for two double overtaking manouvres in Silverstone recently and Raikkonen for his comments on how he hates F1 atmosphere. Cheers.

  6. Journeyer said on 14th July 2008, 17:28

    Internet, two words for you: Suzuka 2005. I’m a fan of both Kimi and Felipe, but that race will make up for a lot of the mistakes he’s made and will ever make. That 2007 title also helped a lot too.

  7. TommyB said on 14th July 2008, 17:31

    True Journeyer, that was an epic performance. Shame anti-Hamilton fans don’t see Fuji07/Monaco 08/Silverstone 08 as making up for the mistakes hes made

  8. I like nearly all drivers, but I picked 4 specific ones.

    Raikkonen – He’s been my favourite since 2003.
    Sutil – His race in Monaco was stunning before he got taken out.
    Barrichello – In my eyes, he may be the most experienced driver in F1, but he’s still got it.
    Nakajima – Cos he’s Japanese ;)

  9. I´m with TommyB,

    I did pick Nick, Lewis, Rubens, Heikky and Fernando all of them for different reasons.

    For years I liked NICK because he was a guy who delivered in middle field cars taking all chances to show that if he was in top car he could show his class. It is a pitty now that he has this car his driving style doesn’t suit it. But I´m trust he can fight back as he shows in Uk GP and this will cost some mistakes to Kubitza in the another half of the season…

    RUBENS: just because he is the real nice guy in Formula 1 today. Everything in F1 is about been fast and win and sometimes at any cost, but Rubens could show that you can win doing your job and still be honest and nice with the others guys. I know some peoples from Rubens´s family and I can ensure that this guy is a real nice man: a good father, a good husband, a good friend. If you can pick any driver for his personality, Rubens would be the right one.

    I don’t know, but in the post interview after Uk GP he almost begs to still stay in F1. I hope he stays, we, fans, deserve to see guys like Rubens racing.

    FERNANDO: It´s easy likes such talented driver as Fernando. He can deliver races as Nurburgring in 2007. Watch races like that could be enough to like him. But, been an absolutely biased anti-Ferrarist, Fernando was one of my heroes since Monza 2006. In that GP he shows the same Senna´s determination to be an anti-system driver, fighting against anything, including the FIA to keep his title. For that I think Fernando gained a worthy sympathy of the fans, including me.

    Even when he seems to be immerging under Lewis´s pace and raw talent, Fernando could fight back again. Despite 2007 when he showed another face of his personality in McLaren, what makes me be very critique at his statements, I still like Fernando and I hope he stays at Renault, his true place.

    LEWIS: well, I like Lewis not just because of his driving talents and performance, this could be enough, but in his case is mainly because of his haters. Any time that a read a nonsense about him, any time a see someone doubting about his capabilities (and he delivering after that!) more I move to his field. Anyway, Lewis bring some thrill to the F1 after Michael´s retirement, and none made more exciting races than Lewis in this 1 and a half year of F1. For all that, I hope he win the championship this year.

  10. TommyB:

    I would include Turkey/08 on that list. An entire race pushing until the limit and an overtake on a Ferrari, that tiny detail in race that “Mr I´m Bored” even try against his team mate…

    I think the French F1 Race magazine has made a research and discovered that the two drivers whom has made more overtakes in the last 27 races was: Lewis and… yes, Felipe. That guy who did spin 5 times a week ago!

  11. Nick said on 14th July 2008, 18:10

    Kimi in 2006? He had a couple pole positions, couple runs from the back of the grid to the podium, and challenged for wins at Hockenheim, Canada and Monaco, but the car failed him (blown engine, clutchs).

    I don’t like Massa because when he doesn’t win he blames everything else, teh car etc…for his spin in sepang? lol, and when Kimi was outpacing him horribly in France it was because Kimi had a better balanced car? wtf? The guy is a douche, had one good wet race at Monaco(although he started on pole, finished 3rd) and everyone other one has been terrible or mediocre.

  12. Fer no 65 said on 14th July 2008, 18:20

    Keith: that’s the way we (latins) laught via internet xD

    jeje it’s spanish for hehe, jaja=haha, and so on xP…

  13. Firstly, I didn’t vote for all the drivers I liked, or else I’d have voted for every driver in the list (and that’s been the case ever since Montoya left F1). There didn’t seem to be much point in doing that, so I put down the five I actively cheer for each race: Coulthard, Button, Fisichella, Hamilton and Sutil (in order of when I started supporting them).

    Coulthard, Button and Hamilton initially received my support because they were British. However each of them has since given me additional reasons to support them. The more I noticed Coulthard’s smoothness and team-co-operation skills, the more I liked him. Same with Button’s smoothness and ability to surprise. Hamilton’s on-track vivacity is enjoyable. I started supporting Coulthard from Melbourne 1996 and began supporting Button and Hamilton from the start of their respective careers.

    I started supporting Fisichella during the Monaco 2001 weekend. That was down to a combination of things; the determination he had to get the extremely slow Benetton looking like a respectable F1 machine, his good, gentle personality and his smooth driving.

    Sutil I started supporting because he was at Spyker. His wet-weather and street-circuit performances leave me smiling too.

  14. Loki said on 14th July 2008, 19:14

    I would probably say it’s a personality thing for me, although race performances can be inspiring to change that.

    It took a long time for me to warm up to Kimi – but out of everybody on the grid, I have the biggest respect for him. Mainly because he doesn’t care, and does what he wants to do – unconstrained (well, more so than the other drivers at least) by the politics and commercialness of F1.

    He values his private life a lot, doesn’t want to give much away, and I feel sorry for him in the press conferences because he obviously doesn’t want to be there….yes, they’re amazingly dull and boring, but on the opposite side you have Hamilton who I have to mute because he sounds clinical…or like a prat when he momentarily slips into non-PR mode (ok, he’s young and enjoying it). But that’s just me…maybe if I didn’t hear Hamilton-Hamilton all the time and just watched the race without any build ups/post-race discussions it could change. I didn’t like Button to begin with, but that completely changed and he’s one of my favourite drivers these days.

    Heidfeld’s a quiet character as well, and just when you think he’s settling into number 2 status at BMW without an answer to Kubica he’d surprise you – that overtaking move at Silverstone is an instant classic. At Sauber I was indifferent to him, now I would say I was indifferent to him, but I do like him.

    Massa is a rubbish race driver, he’s only good to drive from pole to wins in the dry – I don’t remember any good jostling for positions, recently anyway, where he came out on top. Critics say he’s the ideal number two driver at Ferrari, which unfortunately is true…or they can find someone better, but he has got blitzing speed.

    Last year’s Sepang mistake on Hamilton was unforgiving, as was his performance at Silverstone. Yes, he moans about performances and gives excuses, but he’s a nice jolly fellow otherwise, and he is a great celebrator of his wins. So those things make him likeable for me.

    The same goes for Sato (not included), you wonder why he’s even on the grid sometimes, but when he’s talking he’s always got a smile on his face, trying his best to speak English – can’t really fault a person for that no matter if his driving is temperamental.

    Seasoned veterans, Mark Webber,Rubens Barichello, Giancarlo Fisichella and DC, have just been in the sport long enough that I will miss them when they retire, you have early memories of these drivers. When they’ve stepped into a cockpit throwing up, driven with broken thumbs, and are still in the game after all these years that does demand a bit of respect (fair enough, some of them barely!) – and they are still opportunistic drivers in the end doing what they love.

    Could go on with pro and con perception of every driver, but it is more personality for me.

  15. I think you would have been better asking for disliked drivers….less boxes to tick…..and reasons a plentiful!

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