Fernando Alonso and Ferrari rumours

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Speculation that Fernando Alonso could be a Ferrari driver in the future refuses to go away.

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo said in April he was happy with the line-up of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. But now Alonso is being linked with a move to Ferrari where he would be reunited with sponsor Banco Santander.

Alonso has made it clear in the past he wants to drive for Ferrari.

Spanish bank Santander joined McLaren last year to coincide with Alonso?s arrival at the team in what was supposed to be a five-year deal. The bank, which runs the Abbey brand in Britain, remained with McLaren after Alonso left the team.

It wouldn?t be a surprise if they wanted to be associated with the Spanish driver. One might ask why it needs to as it has the Abbey brand in Britain which profits from the association of Lewis Hamilton.

But the Abbey brand is expected to be replaced by Santander in Britain in the future. The company has sponsored the British Grand Prix for the last two years using the Santander brand, despite the obvious potential to brand one of Silverstone?s corners ??Abbey?.

Santander?s white-text-on-red would also be a neat fit with Ferrari. As an added bonus for the Italian team it would get to pinch a major sponsor from McLaren two years after it poached Vodafone from Ferrari.

Raikkonen and Massa both have Ferrari contracts for 2009 and Massa?s goes on until 2010. Raikkonen has hinted at an early retirement in the past and perhaps he will be stepping down from the team at the end of next year, to be replaced by Alonso?

With an eye on the future, Santander also sponsors iSport in GP2, who run Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok.

Thanks to Vittorio Alfieri for the mock-up of Alonso in Ferrari gear. Check out his website here.

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  1. Terry Fabulous
    16th July 2008, 7:33

    I reckon Fred will have Kimi’s drive next year.

    Kimi will win the title, retire, tool about in Finland for a few years and then return in 2011 with his first love (Ron) and win his third title with a dramatic last gasp move on his teammate, double world champion Lewis Hamilton at the season finale under lights on the streets of Beiruit in the Lebanon Grand Prix.

    Or maybe not

  2. Surely if Santander need the publicity and the connection with Alonso, they would move over to Renault, making the cars resemble the old Benettons?
    That would allow McLaren to use a ‘Guinness’ theme, and return to black and silver….
    Maybe Alonso would be happy to join Ferrari purely as a ‘Test Driver’ beside old Schuey, and get the money for not doing much…..

  3. DG, santander colors are red and white.
    and for sure alonso will drive the ferrari in 2010 as gp.com reported at monaco gp.

    meanwhile i think he´ll stay at renault and hope next year will be better than this year: symonds getting a bit too much fat; briatore getting married; alonso signing ferrari; sleeping strategies…

  4. luky, i was picturing Renaults as they are now yellow, white and blue, with Santander red and white added – and thats nearly like Benetton!
    And the Ferraris with Santander red and white will be as boring as they are now….

  5. Nico Savidge
    16th July 2008, 9:22

    As a Ferrari fanatic and Alonso hater, I have this to say: PLEASE, DEAR GOD, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    I don’t want that whiny, unibrowed punk anywhere near a Ferrari race seat. I’ll root for McLaren if he does.

  6. Kimi made it clear he will be racing with Ferrari in 2009. He said something like he never broke any contract in his life and he does not plan to do it now. Massa has contract till end of 2010.

    So basically, if Ferrari take Alonso next year, they will have to sack one of their current drivers.

    Alonso wants to announce his plans at around Monza race time. By then both Ferrari drivers still may be fighting it out for the title, can’t imagine how would big Luca fire one of them …

    Alosno may go to Ferrari one day but I simply can’t see this happening in 2009 …

    He does not have much luck with timing, does he … When he teoretically could go to Ferrari, he had McLaren contract in the pocket. Last year when McLaren let him go, there was no top team vacancy. And now when he is looking around for post Renault future there are no vacancies in current top teams and at the same time no one can tell what teams will be on top next year (although the usual suspects may be the safest bet).

  7. and besides montezemolo already dismissed a kimi-alonso pair.

  8. Time is a great healer of wounds it seems. One could have sworn such a possibility would never have existed this very same time, in 2006, and I seem to recall Alonso saying he will never go RED.

  9. … in 2006 he could not expect another top team would drop him after one season …

  10. I wish Kimi to stay in business for few more years, say till 2011 and with Ferrari!!! He is a nice driver, good skills… I like his driving style. If Kimi stays beyond 2009, then certainly Alonso won’t have a chance at Ferrari for 2010. McLaren being ruled out already, I would be pleased to see him on a BMW alongside Kubica.

  11. My guess is all these rumors are being planted by the Alonso people in order to keep the discussion going of Alonso possibly getting a seat in a car that is able to win races. He blew it at McLaren and now only has Ferrari and potentially BMW left to get back to his old level. It’s of course also a money thing, the longer he is in the doldrums, the less his image is worth.
    I think it all depends on Kimi and of course Massa. If they continue to perform and don’t quit Alonso has no chance. Also bearing in mind that he costs a ridiculous amount of money as well. In a couple of years his value will have plummeted if things continue as they are, maybat that time he could be a “cheap” alternative…

  12. @ Michael K
    I bet Ron would not mind the “ridiculous” amount of money.. had he been able to retain Alonso, surely Alonso along with Lewis would have scored enough to secure the WCC for McLaren, which, with Lewis and Heikki seems very distant at this halfway stage!
    Also we all should keep the fact in mind taht the regulations are going to be changed next year and the experience of Alonso will come handy for any team!

  13. Alonso, for all his sponsor potential and obvious talent, must be tainted goods. Any team employing the Spanish Champ would need to pay for reinforced doors for a start.

    I think it’ll be a couple of seasons at least before Alonso can shrug off his behaviour (or perceived behaviour) of last year, and then jumping ship back to Renault. Just look at Jenson Button – he’s now regarded higher than he was a few years back with his BAR / Williams / Honda contract mess.

  14. Very plausibly. A sin to not try to catch such racer. I like Kimi, but he is not so strong and stable, as Fernando. Everyone is good in own way, but Alonso approaches for struggle for a title more. Kimi is very fast, he can be fastest in separate race, but during the championship such racers as Fernando look more stably and more confidently. I think, Fernando&Ferrari would win a title much more quickly, than Raikkonen. Sorry for my English.

  15. I’m a Ferrari fan, I’m a Raikkonen fan. And whilst I think Massa seems like decent fellow capable of flashes of brilliance, I don’t think he’s worthy of Ferrari’s capabilities.

    I am however a fan of both Alonso and Kubica and as Mani said would like to see them side by side in a team. BMW would be grand, but I have to say I’d LOVE to see what they could both do in a Ferrari. Alonso’s behaviour notwithstanding (and I believe responsibiliy for that whole debacle doesn’t just rest on his shoulders) I think he could potentially do very well within the Italian team.

    To put it a different way. I think the best drivers on the grid today are Raikkonen, Alonso, Kubica and Hamilton. I want the best for Ferrari, so if Raikkonen retires, that just leaves Alonso and Kubica (cause Hamilton will most likely be with McLaren till the end of his career). A bit over-simplified but you get my drift….

  16. I love Alonso, at the same time I dont like Ferrari! So the best option which I would find suitable is Alonso moving BMW alongside Kubica. That will make a great combination to watch!

  17. Logically thinking Alonso wouldnt want to move to another team again after 1 year. What ever the problem with Mc Laren was it was unsolvable, prob the reason why he chose to move.

    I see him in Renault for 09 and Ferrari after that. Renault have proved that they have the capability to improve the car over the season. Despite the bad results Renault is a much better car than what the started out with. With the rules changed and more importance given to driver skill, Renault wont be a bad bet to be in the top teams in 09(remember the rules changes of 05 and who was on top then)

    All in all with Alonso it looks like he is destined to end up at Ferrari at sometime… For his sake i hope its sooner that later.

  18. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    16th July 2008, 15:29

    i think it would be a shame if alonso is floating around in the mid-field fopr a few more years, it would be better to see him fighting for wins and if kimi does retire next year watching him and hamilton fight it out for the tittle in different teams could be explosive.

  19. This is the same guy that in one sunny day in Monza, after the FIA (Ferrari International Assistance) almost stole his title, said:

    “I don’t consider F1 anymore a sport.”

    The most interest thing about it is that the same Spanish Media that called that controversial decision in Monza 2006 “a part of a ‘dirty war’ against Fernando is the same one who almost beg nowadays to see him wearing this red overall.

  20. I don’t rule out it won’t happen , but not before 2010 , although I wish Fernando would stay with Renault . He could do a similar thing to what Schumi did with Ferrari , going back to ’96. It would take patience and a few years , but then he would come out bigger than if he jumps to a form team and takes a few more titles.

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