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NASCAR has its own ‘Indianapolis 2005′ – but the race goes on 28th July 2008, 20:58

We all remember the debacle of a ‘race’ F1 put on at Indianapolis in the 2005 United States Grand Prix. Yesterday NASCAR suffered its own version at the very same venue, albeit running the full oval rather than the road course. NASCAR managed to put on a full race, of sorts, with a full field. […]

Lewis Hamilton to score a hat trick? (2008 Hungarian Grand Prix preview)

McLaren have nosed ahead of the opposition in the past few weeks with Lewis Hamilton scoring a pair of emphatic wins at Silverstone and Hockenheim. Testing last week suggested the team will keep their advantage at the next round in Hungary. Can Hamilton become the first man in two years to win three successive races?

Adjustable wings – a change too far?

The 2009 F1 rules are a source of great interest with several radical changes aimed at improving overtaking. Along with bring back slick tyres and reducing wing sizes, teams are expected to be allowed to use adjustable wings. I’m not a fan of the idea. What do you think of it? Cast your vote below…

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