Video lap of the Valencia F1 street circuit

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The new Valencia F1 street track was used for the first time for a race meeting last weekend. Here’s a video showing a lap of the new Circuito Urbano Valencia onboard a GT car:

The lap begins with the tight left before the start/finish straight. See below for more videos of the track and a map of the circuit

Circuit Urbano Valencia track map

More Valencia street circuit videos

The videos confirm an impression of a generally quick street course with decent amounts of run-off for such a confined space.

The long straight into the tight right/left/right bend looks like being the most likely spot for overtaking. It looks quite narrow in places though.

You can see an earlier 3D rendered lap of the track here.

More information on the 2008 European Grand Prix

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  1. … and walls walls and some more walls :-)

  2. Thanks for the videos! I’m so excited now. Anyone else going to this race? :-D

    Also Keith, have you seen the simulation of the onboard lap of Singapore it looks amazing :)

  3. Thanks Tommy! Here’s another look at Singapore using Google Earth: Video: 3D lap of the Singapore Grand Prix track

  4. Cool thanks I saw the google earth one on here a while ago but I think the simulation lap is better.

    The grandstand they go under is cool. I had that idea for my graphics project when I at school about 3 years ago. Maybe I should of got copyright on it!!! :P

  5. I don’t like it. Too much of the walls, not enough greenery and surroundings.

  6. seems to me that what is probably turn three, the tighter right, has a 90 deg concrete point aiming straight at the driver who drops it there.. ouch
    Apart from that looks like fun – like much of the US ‘street’ racing circuits there is little room for error and could be a few costly mistakes all weekend..

  7. Pedro Andrade
    30th July 2008, 10:58

    We’ll see how it goes racing-wise, but it seems to lack any character. As others said, walls, walls, walls, walls… Monaco is something apart.

  8. Same here – not even Monaco or Albert Park has this much catch fencing.Still a fairly nice track though.

  9. Sean Newman
    30th July 2008, 11:57

    There are a few very fast blind corners which look a bit too dangerous to me. A slowing or stationary car in one of those could make for some big impacts.

    It looks a good circuit to drive but not to look at. The walls need painting different colours in different places to let the TV spectator understand where the cars are else it will be confusing.

    The bridge section doesn’t look as interesting or challenging as I thought it would. Overall I think it is going to be a tough for the drivers and entertaining for us!

  10. I like it. Although narrow in places, it looks quite fast and it seems to have the right amount of run-off where it counts.

    I don’t agree with the walls-walls-walls comments. If you look at it that way, Monaco is armco-armco-armco. Although better layed-out because of altitude, Monaco is mostly special because of its history.

  11. Pedro Andrade
    30th July 2008, 12:10

    Lustigson: Yes, Monaco is armco all the way around, but it does have a character that this track seems to lack, and it’s not just down to history. It’s probably the buildings, the trees, the marina, the tunnel…

  12. @ Pedro Andrade
    You’re right about that. Apart from a few tall buildings far away in the background, there isn’t much to see from the onboard shots. I reckon Singapore will be better on that account.

  13. But even at Monaco from an onboard shot you can’t see the harbour or much of the scenery. The external shots of Valencia may look much better, especially the marina section.

  14. thanks Keith,
    walls and armco and narrow, with tight unforgiving corners. At first watch, it reminded me of the Detroit street circuit in terms of layout. There is some run-off, but when the F1 circus hits the tarmac, it’s going to be tough and nerve-racking for the drivers. And what if it rains…

  15. Pedro Andrade
    30th July 2008, 12:41

    True on that Keith. A shame there isn’t any official footage from those races, at least it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube. There are amateur cameras though, and it does look better, at least in some areas of the track.

  16. I agree. I don’t see any any “urban areas” in the onboard shots. Looks like it’s a typical race track with narrow racing lanes and close walls.

  17. I like that circuit. Though not as good as Monaco (may be due to the history), but surely drivers gonna get a game!
    And another query,though irrelevant to the current post, Keith, any update on Prodrive entry? Or any other team interested in making the grid dense?

  18. Nirupam – Dead and buried I’m afraid: No F1 for Prodrive in 2008, The FIA owe Prodrive an apology.

  19. I agree, onboard you can’t really tell about the scenary till you see TV camera view. Then you’ll get to see the harbour and other features

  20. Keith
    Nothing for 2009/10 as well till now?

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