Video lap of the Valencia F1 street circuit

The new Valencia F1 street track was used for the first time for a race meeting last weekend. Here’s a video showing a lap of the new Circuito Urbano Valencia onboard a GT car:

The lap begins with the tight left before the start/finish straight. See below for more videos of the track and a map of the circuit

Circuit Urbano Valencia track map

More Valencia street circuit videos

The videos confirm an impression of a generally quick street course with decent amounts of run-off for such a confined space.

The long straight into the tight right/left/right bend looks like being the most likely spot for overtaking. It looks quite narrow in places though.

You can see an earlier 3D rendered lap of the track here.

More information on the 2008 European Grand Prix

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41 comments on Video lap of the Valencia F1 street circuit

  1. sam said on 30th July 2008, 13:31

    I agree. I don’t see any any “urban areas” in the onboard shots. Looks like it’s a typical race track with narrow racing lanes and close walls.

  2. Nirupam said on 30th July 2008, 14:32

    I like that circuit. Though not as good as Monaco (may be due to the history), but surely drivers gonna get a game!
    And another query,though irrelevant to the current post, Keith, any update on Prodrive entry? Or any other team interested in making the grid dense?

  3. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 30th July 2008, 14:54

    Nirupam – Dead and buried I’m afraid: No F1 for Prodrive in 2008, The FIA owe Prodrive an apology.

  4. TommyB said on 30th July 2008, 15:22

    I agree, onboard you can’t really tell about the scenary till you see TV camera view. Then you’ll get to see the harbour and other features

  5. Nirupam said on 30th July 2008, 16:06

    Nothing for 2009/10 as well till now?

  6. Scott Joslin said on 30th July 2008, 16:11

    I agree with the comparison to Detroit, those curved parts that lead on to the straights will be interesting to see if they create over taking or restrict it.

    From first glance it looks like a track that will favour Mclaren and Alonso because of the bumps and aggression required.

    I can foresee a lot of drivers making friends with the concrete wall at this track!

    I think when we see the track from the outside it will give it more character when we can see the harbor.

  7. TommyB said on 30th July 2008, 16:47

    “I think when we see the track from the outside it will give it more character when we can see the harbor”

    And when 200,000 people are there! :D

  8. Steven Roy said on 30th July 2008, 16:55

    It’s interesting to see a track from a driver’s view first instead of from helicopters or other high angle shots. It will look completely different on TV.

    Personally I think F1 should be run at Spa, Suzuka, Zandvoort, Oesterreichring and the like not in a glorified go-kart track in a city centre just to suit the glitterati who will have a great weekend apart from the racket from those damn cars.

  9. Chaz said on 30th July 2008, 18:26

    I guess everybody just wants to know if the track allows for a decent race that will include chances for overtaking? Other than that I’m not sure if it matters where it is, does it? Valencia is a great place though.

  10. frecon said on 30th July 2008, 18:32

    Here you have some external shots of the races in the Valencia track.

    I have to say that I’m a little bit dissapointed with the track. The onboard footage are pretty ugly, and even being a good track to race, looks very unpersonal on this videos.

    I don’t think an F1 race there could be funny. It looks to me easy defends position, and very difficult overtake if your rivla doesn’t make any mistake.

  11. jay said on 30th July 2008, 20:43

    i’m going and have tickets for T18 which looks a pretty good place to see some over taking .
    especially if you get the exit after the bridge wrong.

  12. Alonso follower said on 30th July 2008, 23:36

    No wonder what F1 is called a “circus” I’m no professional but this one looks miles behind a dedicated circuit in terms of safety. There are other race tracks in Spain (Jerez?) that maybe could host an event of this magnitude. However, Valencia probably had the money in the pocket to bring the “circus” part in…

  13. Dan M said on 31st July 2008, 0:19

    Nothing like the sound of a V10 on an F1 track…. oh wait its a Viper.

  14. Dan M said on 31st July 2008, 0:28

    way off, nevermind

  15. David G said on 31st July 2008, 2:39

    Looking at the video I can see the first few corners being very important. Qualifying will be very important. There was alot of rubbing going on at the GT event at the first couple of corners.

    So I ask how many will crash(be taken out) in the first lap? 5 cars.

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