Video lap of the Valencia F1 street circuit

The new Valencia F1 street track was used for the first time for a race meeting last weekend. Here’s a video showing a lap of the new Circuito Urbano Valencia onboard a GT car:

The lap begins with the tight left before the start/finish straight. See below for more videos of the track and a map of the circuit

Circuit Urbano Valencia track map

More Valencia street circuit videos

The videos confirm an impression of a generally quick street course with decent amounts of run-off for such a confined space.

The long straight into the tight right/left/right bend looks like being the most likely spot for overtaking. It looks quite narrow in places though.

You can see an earlier 3D rendered lap of the track here.

More information on the 2008 European Grand Prix

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41 comments on Video lap of the Valencia F1 street circuit

  1. Hi,

    Anybody here plays F1 Challenge? If yes, does anybody know whether there is a track ready for the Valencia and Singapore race? You can email me at


  2. It looks dangerous, I wonder how much Valencia paid to get it, and what the pilot association think about the new street circuits.

  3. martinb said on 31st July 2008, 10:55

    Yeah, the circuit looks a bit wall-e

  4. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 31st July 2008, 11:05

    (Off topic – I saw Wall-E last night! Really good film.)

    To be honest I was a bit worried there weren’t going to be enough walls at Valencia. Without walls it’s not really a street circuit. The point of street tracks is if you make a mistake it’s basically game over and F1’s really been missing that.

    For example, have a look at this awesome lap with Juan Pablo Montoya qualifying at Detroit in CART in 1999:

    He gets so close to the walls in places, even kicking up dust as he nudges one of them. Thrilling stuff. More of that in F1 please!

  5. Not impressed, I must say. Reminds me of the old US street races at Detroit and Phoenix, and they were hardly great venues.

    Still, it’s no worse than a race at the *other* circuit in Valencia would be

  6. Check out the contact the competitors make with each other in race 2.

    I like the wide runoff zones. I hope the Indy street venues from the design and tries to create them in some of the street venues, where possible. As much as it may seem daring to know that a car will end its race against a concrete barrier if the car accidentally goes wide, I’d much rather see some punishing run-off area to ruin the driver’s day without bringing on the full-course caution and the safety car. It will also ensure fearless speeding.

    It’s good that the curves are re-curbed into kink+hairpin complexes, but after the fifth one it gets as old as leaving the right-angles in would have gotten.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, however- tall concrete barriers are the only view to be had by this sort of race, so the only hopes lie in the cars and racers themselves to make the venue a winner. I see some potential. If it works out well, I hope they’ll look at Monaco footage to consider installing Armco for these new street courses. Why Armco? Monaco is visible and gorgeous from all corners and all cars precisely because there aren’t those tall concrete barriers and fences ruining the view of a beautiful city. It requires investment and a certain amount of financial bravery to duplicate such an event.

  7. MarathonMan801 said on 2nd August 2008, 11:21

    The comparison to Monaco isn’t exact as Monaco has something very valuable that Valencia does not.
    Change of view line, alteration of camber through gradient, unexpected apexes becuase of gradient. Monaco has them but Valencia won’t.
    The dive downhill from the Casino Square or down to the Portier (spelling) really makes Monaco special. Val is flat, as in flat.
    Really hope it’s not a Phoenix-esque bore.

  8. Juhhi said on 4th August 2008, 1:30

    For me it looks very boring and nothing but concrete. Sceneries,hmmmm….what sceneries?? But for sure it will be different when it´s not seen from onboard cam. Safety areas looks also very small.
    Hoping I´m wrong but I think there will be very dangerous moments on that track. Also crashes are maybe easier to come because it looks that there is more places to try passing comparing to Monaco.
    Let see how it works….

  9. I’m Happy it’s Not at all Monaco, because Monaco will stay far above any other street circuit (except for the Macau which is Great too).

    AMAZINGLY There will be ANOTHER test for Monaco this Same year with Singapore – Amazing we have 2 NEW Street Circuits in 1 year after none for such a long time.

    Musically –

    Cor Pez

  10. stormchaser said on 12th August 2008, 16:31

    I like the track itself it should be very challenging for the drivers and with the championship that close maybe they’ll try harder to overtake. for the track it look likes its build in an industrial park. add more color from the sponsers and a few 100thousand screaming fan and it should live it up a little. we’ll see….

  11. lifelongfan said on 14th August 2008, 19:05

    I agree with marathonman, it would look better with armco instead of concrete. The circuit looks okay, although newly laid tarmac which is not used by ordinary traffic and run-off areas sort of defeats the object of a street circuit. Dissapointed but excited, I hope Singapore will be better.

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