2008 Hungarian GP Predictions

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Lewis Hamilton led all 70 laps in Hungary last year
Lewis Hamilton led all 70 laps in Hungary last year

It’s time to don your thinking hats and predict the top three for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Read my prediction and pick the podium below.

McLaren are on a roll at the moment and are widely expected to lead the way at the Hungaroring.

But Ferrari have thrived in the hotter races this year and there’s a good chance we’ll see temperatures of more than 30C at the Hungaroring this weekend.

Bridgestone are bringing its two softest tyres to the Hungaroring, as were used at the similarly tight-and-twisty Monte-Carlo circuit. As the F2008 has often been kinder to its tyres than the MP4/23, I don’t think Ferrari are going to be as far off McLaren’s pace as some have predicted.

I’d definitely back Kimi Raikkonen to prise his way between the two McLarens. Felipe Massa, on the other hand, seems to have circuits where he does well and circuits where he does poorly, and he is yet to finish higher than seventh at the Hungaroring.

So I’m backing Lewis Hamilton to take a third consecutive win, but I think there’ll still be a performance gap between him and Heikki Kovalainen – and Raikkonen will squeeze in between them. That will, of course, give us the same top two as last year:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Kimi Raikkonen
3. Heikki Kovalainen

Last time I only managed to predict third place correctly (Massa). Although no-one got the top three right Warren, Diseased Rat, Bob, Sebastian, Derek, Salty, Sassan, Noel, Verasaki, Becken, James B, Donwatters, Dan Brunell, Loki, Jae and Gerry Carr all correctly picked Hamilton to win.

Dan Brunell, who made several different sets of predictions, picked Nelson Piquet Jnr to finish second “if hell freezes over…”

What are your predictions for the Hungarian Grand Prix podium?

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  1. sajonaraman
    1st August 2008, 7:20


  2. 1. Hamilton
    2. Kovalainen
    3. Massa

  3. 1. Raikkonen
    2. Kubica
    3. Hamilton
    4. Massa
    5. Alonso
    6. Piquet
    7. Vettel
    8. Bourdais

  4. I forgot about the hell freezes over picks. I can’t believe that…

    My guess.

    1: HAM
    2: MAS
    3: HEI
    4: RAI
    5: KUB
    6: KOV
    7: VET
    8: ROS

    Pole: Hamilton
    Fast Lap: Massa

  5. Pole: Hamilton
    FL: Raikkonen

    1. Hamilton
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Massa
    4. Kubica
    5. Kovalainen
    6. Webber
    7. Heidfeld
    8. Alonso

  6. Pole – Hamilton

    1. Kovi
    2. Heidfeld
    3. Raikkonen

    Fastest Lap – Alonso


  7. 1: Raikkonen
    2: Hamilton
    3: Kubica

  8. Pole: Hamilton, FL: Raikkonen

    1. Hamilton
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Kubica

    Similar to what Journeyer said, I just don’t have the same faith in Massa…

  9. diseased rat
    1st August 2008, 8:37

    1. The Hammer
    2. Heidfeld
    3. Massa

  10. Pole – Kovi
    FL – Kimi

    1. Kimi
    2. Hamilton
    3. Kubica

  11. lol @ Dan’s piquet prediction!

    head says;
    1 hamilton
    2 heikki
    3 Massa

    heart wants;
    1 heidfield
    2 kimi
    3 massa

    hell freezes over;
    1 Rosberg (his car just isn’t good anymore)
    2 sutil
    3 piquet

  12. 1 Kovalainen
    2 Raikkonen
    3 Alonso

  13. 1.Alonso

  14. please please please let it rain… thats what i’m predicting

  15. 1.ham

  16. 1: Raikkonen
    2: Hamilton
    3: Kubica

  17. 1.Kimi (You must do it Kim)
    2.Massa (if he be able to finish the race)
    3.Kubica (this is his home race, 40 thousands crazy Polish fans are cheering for Rob there)

    DNF. Lewis Fiamilton

  18. 1.Heidfeld

    ..Yeh seriously :)

  19. 1.Kimi (Now or never)
    2.Heikki (Happy to get the seat for ’09)
    3.Kubica (We all know here, what a Polish invasion can do)

    Lewis – hmm…lemme see, I predict that he would miss the pole by a whisker and then try hard to overtake at the first corner and having an off moment, then rejoining lower down, only to be taken out by our ever so reliable DC.

  20. There is no way Hami is taking 3 in a row.


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