Lewis Hamilton’s puncture “probably” caused by debris, say Bridgestone

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bridgestone suspects debris caused Lewis Hamilton\'s puncture
Bridgestone suspects debris caused Lewis Hamilton's puncture

Lewis Hamilton’s puncture on lap 41 of the Hungarian Grand Prix was a turning point in the Hungarian Grand Prix as it ended any contest for the lead between him and Felipe Massa.

Hamilton slithered off the track at turn one with a deflated front-left tyre.

Inevitably this led to speculation about the cause of the fail with Hamilton’s notoriously abrasive driving style a primary suspect. But according to Bridgestone a preliminary check of the tyre suggests debris was to blame.

A Bridgestone press release said:

Regarding Lewis Hamilton’s tyre deflation, we are still investigating the reason for this as it is not immediately apparent from initial analysis, however a puncture from a sidewall cut looks to be the probable cause.

This supports what McLaren said during the race. Any further updates from Bridgestone will be posted here.

Hamilton also had problems with tyres at the Turkish Grand Prix, having to run a three-stop strategy because of problems he was expereincing

Given what Ferrari were saying about Bridgestone tyres before the race, it all seems rather ironic.