100 F1 race winners part 2: 1953-1958

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Stirling Moss, left, with Juan Manuel Fangio
Stirling Moss, left, with Juan Manuel Fangio

The second part of the series looking at the 100 drivers to win F1 Grands Prix includes Britain’s first world champion, Mike Hawthorn.

He’s one of four British drivers on this part of the list, the others being Peter Collins, Tony Brooks and Stirling Moss.

11. Mike Hawthorn

First win: 1953 French Grand Prix, Reims
Total wins: 3
Nationality: British

Hawthorn?s first win was a sensation, for he out-dragged Juan Manuel Fangio to the finishing line in a thrilling race at Reims. Five years later he became Britain?s first world champion, narrowly beating Stirling Moss, and announced his retirement. Tragically he was killed in a road accident in January 1959.

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12. Maurice Trintignant

First win: 1955 Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo
Total wins: 2
Nationality: French

Trintignant was the first Frenchman to win a round of the world championship in 1955, but it would be another three decades before a French driver claimed the drivers? title.

He had survived a terrible crash in the 1948 Swiss Grand Prix at Bremgarten where he had been thrown from his car. Trintignant spent eight days in a coma and at one stage was declared dead, but after a long recovery he returned to motor racing. He remained in F1 until 1964, winning a second time at Monaco in 1958.

13. Bob Sweikert

First win: 1955 Indianapolis 500
Total wins: 1
Nationality: American

Sweikert won the 1955 Indianapolis 500 in which Bill Vukovich was killed (see yesterday’s instalment). Having finished sixth at Indy the following year Sweikert too lost his life, in a sprint car crash.

14. Stirling Moss

First win: 1955 British Grand Prix, Aintree
Total wins: 16
Nationality: British

Usually called the best driver never to win the world championship, some have even suggested he was the greatest ever. Moss was Fangio?s closest rival but the two shared a deep mutual respect. In 1955 when the pair drove for Mercedes they typically circulated in tandem, miles ahead of their rivals.

Moss was never sure whether his first win, at Aintree in ?55, was a gift from Fangio or not. But he went on to score a string of excellent victories, the best of which at Monte-Carlo in 1961 when he single-handedly kept the Ferraris at bay in an underpowered Lotus.

From 1955-8 he was runner-up in the championship every year, missing the title by a point in ’58 despite having won four races to Hawthorn’s one. Moss was supposed to drive a Ferrari in 1962 but a crash at Goodwood forced him into early retirement.

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15. Luigi Musso

First win: 1956 Argentine Grand Prix, Buenos Aires
Total wins: 1
Nationality: Italian

Promising Italian driver Musso joined Ferrari in 1956 after three seasons with Maserati. He won on his debut ?ǣ although it was a drive shared with Fangio. Musso never added to that single win but he surely would have, had he not perished in a crash while chasing team mate Mike Hawthorn in the 1958 French Grand Prix at Reims.

16. Pat Flaherty

First win: 1956 Indianapolis 500
Total wins: 1
Nationality: American

Flaherty won the 1956 Indianapolis 500, one of his six starts in the American classic.

17. Peter Collins

First win: 1956 Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps
Total wins: 3
Nationality: British

Collins was sometimes accused of not taking his racing seriously enough, but his ability was not in dispute. Nor was his dedication to the Ferrari team ?ǣ at Monza in 1956 he surrendered his drive halfway through the race to Fangio, sacrificing his own chance of winning the title so Fangio could. Musso in the other car had not bee so accommodating.

Sadly Collins, like Musso, was to lose his life racing. Having won his home race at Silverstone in 1958 he arrived at the Nurburgring thirdin the championship. But he crashed while pursuing leader Tony Brooks, flipped, and died from his injuries.

18. Sam Hanks

First win: 1957 Indianapolis 500
Total wins: 1
Nationality: American

When Sam Hanks won the 1957 Indianapolis 500, at his 13th attempt, he announced his retirement from racing on the spot.

19. Tony Brooks

First win: 1957 British Grand Prix
Total wins: 6
Nationality: British

Tony Brooks scored his first win on home ground after sharing his car with Stirling Moss. He had come to international attention two years earlier by winning the Syracuse Grand Prix ?ǣ the first win for a British car abroad since 1924.

In 1958 he scored three wins for Vanwall and when the team left F1 at the end of the year Brooks moved to Ferrari, scoring two further victories, before retiring in 1961.

20. Jimmy Bryan

First win: 1958 Indianapolis 500
Total wins: 1
Nationality: American

Jimmy Bryan won the 1958 Indianapolis 500. Two years later he lost his life in a crash at Langhorne, on the same day Chris Bristow and Alan Stacey were killed in the Belgian Grand Prix.

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