Lewis Hamilton stripped of Belgian GP win – another asinine FIA decision

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Felipe Massa has been given the Belgian Grand Prix win by the stewards
Felipe Massa has been given the Belgian Grand Prix win by the stewards

Lewis Hamilton has had his victory in the Belgian Grand Prix taken away from him by the Belgian Grand Prix stewards.

The stewards added 25 seconds to his race time for cutting the chicane while battling with Kimi Raikkonen, leaving him third behind Nick Heidfeld.

This is an absolute travesty of a decision which mocks the notion that the FIA stewards are fair arbiters of the sport.

Hamilton cut the chicane on lap 42 of the race while alongside Raikkonen. Raikkonen forced Hamilton off the track by swerving across the front of the McLaren. Hamilton had been entirely alongside the Ferrari going into the corner.

Hamilton then let Raikkonen past him and re-took the Ferrari driver at the following corner. Despite taking the standard course of action to let Raikkonen regain his position, the stewards have stripped Hamilton of his win.

After letting Raikkonen re-pass him, Hamilton was no closer to the Ferrari driver than he had been before they went into the chicane. I do not agree any advantage was gained by Hamilton.

I also think it is disgraceful the stewards feel Raikkonen was not at fault in forcing another driver off the track. A similar piece of driving at Eau Rouge or Blanchimont could have lethal consequences.

Whether the stewards have done this to keep the championship close or keep their friends at Ferrari happy, this is an utterly lamentable decision.

It comes only two weeks after the stewards avoided stripping Felipe Massa of a win at Valencia for a clear infringement of the rules. This very weekend we saw further evidence that decision was bogus.

It is quite clear Ferrari can rely on the FIA to give them a favourable hearing at appeals.


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  1. I am done with F1. I might keep reading your site Keith because you seem like a nice guy but I am finished with this so-called “sport”.

  2. also checking the video again, Kimi was swerving because his back tire was about to hit lewis. Lewis never even let him fully by.

  3. Utterly shameful.

  4. Nick, I’m sorry but “Hamilton was never going to make the corner”? Please.

    He had already made the right-hand part of the corner quite easily. And the fact that he would have been able to make the left-hand part of the corner is proved by the fact that he took an even tighter line to avoid Raikkonen’s swerve.

    He was clearly in control of the car.

  5. Sav is wrong, this is not MCLAREN-FANATIC.com it is LEWIS-FANATIC.com.

  6. Forgot to add a smiley :)

    But seriously, I don’t think I’ll be watching Monza. Can’t wait to see (or rather, read about) what kind of injustices will happen when they’re on the red home soil.

  7. Yeah, I agree. McLaren and Lewis shouldn’t just accept this. If the decision is overruled, they should think of pulling out. Otherwise, frankly, Ferrari will be allowed to win the WDC under just about any pretext.

    Lewis had the edge on the first corner of the chicane, Kimi nudged him off (Kovi having been punished for a worse version of the same in the same race!), Lewis duly ceded the position. As the rules state. Do they say anything else, like, don’t immediately try to race again????! He was then struck (again!) by Kimi at La Source. Given he then stayed on track while Kimi spun off, the event had no bearing on the eventual race positions either.

    Sham. Angry, angry, angry.

  8. Those making comments about me being a Hamilton fan have very short memories. I thought his Magny-Cours penalty was entirely correct, for example.

    If you think the stewards verdict today was correct I’d like to hear why, because it makes no sense to me, for the reasons I’ve explained above.

  9. Shocked and disappointed. I think the stewards have ruined a great race and it is getting a little more than coincedential how much McLaren are penalised in comparison to the boys in red. I mean Kimi didn’t even finish so where is the advantage?

    Having said that after taking time to consider the decision it is pretty clear that if Lewis would of followed Kimi round the corner there is no way he would of been so close to his gearbox on that straight, so in that sense he gained an advantage. I’d like to see the exact wording of the rulebook on this one.

    As a fan I’d like to have seen the result stand, but seeing F1 as a business, and a sport with rules, I have to say by the letter of the law I imagine Hami broke the rules. So in that sense it is fair.

    The question is, would it of been the same decision if the colour of the cars were reversed?

  10. Here is the ruling:

    Nicholas Deschaux, Surinder Thatthi and Yves Bacquelaine, your mothers must be so proud
    And don’t forget Mosley’s political commissar Alan Donnelly

    Remember Surinder Thatthi’s views on facial hair?

    Nasir Hoosein wasn’t even involved, wonder what had happened if he was ;)

  11. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/70404

    McLaren to appeal …
    Hamilton was 6km/h slower than Kimi start finish line according to McLaren:
    “A McLaren spokesman said: “We looked at all our data and also made it available to the FIA stewards. It showed that, having lifted, Lewis was 6km/h slower than Kimi as they crossed the start/finish line.”

  12. ****ing ****s. Seriously, if the FIA, Bernie, and all the rest of them don’t sort out the sport that they ru(i)n, I’m going to stop wasting every other weekend on their Formula.

    It’s going to be no better when Jean Todt possibly takes over as the FIA top bloke, the Ferrari bias will rocket off of the scale.

    Hurry up someone and create a breakaway series with decent tracks, fair and consistant rules, and cars that can follow each other closer than 2 seconds apart.

  13. Like most of you on here, I’m absolutely gobsmacked that Ferrari had the nerve to launch an official complaint. Their lame **** Fin stuck he car in the car in the wall and probably would have done without Lewis putting pressure on.

    For all of you who disaprove of McLaren and Lewis and rib this quality site for their support just remember it is a .co.uk website and both are brits. As an Englishman, I can’t remember the last time I supported Italy in the world cup!!!!

    The sooner the FIA is disbanded and replaced by an unbiased organisation the better.

    Great race turned to **** by gifting it Massa, the same as it would have been unfair to gift Valencia to Lewis.

  14. I think Hamilton did exactly the right thing. He restored the status quo ante, as the lawyers say. What more do you expect him to do — toss rose petals in Kimi’s path as he flashes by?

    This penalty is ridiculous (and I’m no Hamilton fan) and the stewards should be censured.

    Is there any kind of training scheme for stewards, like there is for referees?

  15. Guys I think GrandPrix.com sum up the how the whole of F1 world perceives the FIA’s terribly inconsistant decision making.

    “More important than the decision itself was the reaction to it in Formula 1 circles. There was a very clear weariness as it simply adds to the widely-held belief that Ferrari is always favoured by the decision-makers, particularly if McLaren is involved. The FIA says this is not the case, but such denials are treated with scant credibility by those in the F1 business, who have seen too many decisions that appear to have the same outcome. The big question after Spa is not whether the decisions was right or wrong – it is entirely possible that the FIA Court of Appeal will overturn it. This may help to give the Court of Appeal a little more credibility”


    For those posting on here suggesting there is a bias on this web site, please grow up and learn to debate constructively, not like little children.

  16. Hamilton did gain position by illegal thing but the penalty is cleary unfair for him. I think that is very bad to the sport to gain an points and wins in “green table”. The same thing I spoke about the Massa and today. Let them race on the track…

  17. Keith, I’d like to bring something to your attention, I found this footage from 1979 band I really think the FIA should revisit this! It’s Gilles villeneuve vs Renè Arnoux and they are RACING! The FIA should not stand for this. I expect penalties to be enforced and results to be retracted.

  18. Well done FIA. The best race for years, and they have soured it with an absolutely ridiculous decision which yet again makes F1 look stupid in front of the world’s media.

    Forget a bias towards Ferrari, I think FIA are trying to boost viewing figures for A1GP and IRL with this sort of sham decision quite frankly.

  19. What a joke. I’ve been a fan of Formula One for years, but if this decision stands I’ll never watch another Grand Prix until the current stewards, Bernie, and Max are all replaced. What a joke. I also used to like Kimi, but some of his actions during this race have changed my opinion of him also. Dribble… Utter dribble!

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