Lewis Hamilton wins but stewards investigate him and Raikkonen (Video)

Lewis Hamilton snatched victory in the Belgian Grand Prix from Kimi Raikkonen in the dying stages of the race.

But their thrilling duel as rain fell in the final laps of the race is being investigated by the stewards who feel Hamilton and Raikkonen may have broken the rules. Here’s a video of what happened:

The duel began when Hamilton caught Raikkonen on lap 42. He drew alongside the Ferrari on the outside of the chicane, but Raikkonen pushed him off the track

Is this what Raikkonen is being investigated for? Should he be penalised for it?

That meant Hamilton arrived on the start/finish straight ahead of Raikkonen. Having gained an unfair advantage he let Raikkonen past (which is what he should have done with Vettel at Magny-Cours) but then re-passed Raikkonen at the next corner (La Source).

Is this what Hamilton is being investigated for? Should he be penalised for it?

Later on lap 43 Raikkonen ran wide at Pouhon but regained the circuit without seeming to gain much of an advantage.

Then Hamilton came across a spinning Williams and had to drive off the circuit in avoidance. Raikkonen also took evasive action and seemed to hit Hamilton in doing so. But surely for both drivers this was an unavoidable consequence of Raikkonen trying to avoid the Williams?

I don’t think anything that happened on the last few laps deserves a penalty from the stewards. If anyone was at fault, it was Raikkonen for pushing Hamilton off the track at the chicane. But the stewards have already shown they don’t punish drivers for pushing each other off the track – as with Fernando Alonso and Hamilton at this track last year.

Do you think either driver deserves a penalty? What sort of penalty should they have?

Here’s what Ron Dennis had to say about the investigation on ITV:

First of all we don’t know what the investigation is about. One assumes it was the incident between Kimi and Lewis at the chicane. First of all, Lewis was ahead at the chicane and he got pushed wide. He definitely was in the lead coming out of the chicane, we immediately radioed him to let Kimi past. We let Kimi past and then overtook him again before the line.

Inevitably, we wanted to know whether we had actually, that was deemed to be a correction of that, and we checked with Charlie [Whiting], of course Charlie can only give an opinion, he’s not the stewards, but he gave an opinion that we had complied properly to the regulations. I would even dispute that there was any fault because we had the corner in the chicane, but even if we didn’t have the corner we let Kimi back in the lead.

Update: the stewards have passed their decision and stripped Hamilton of his win. More here.

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121 comments on Lewis Hamilton wins but stewards investigate him and Raikkonen (Video)

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  1. No penalty. It is just racing!!!

  2. bet lewis will get a penalty as the fia clearly love ferrari

  3. Exactly what happened, and what rules were broken if any, in that confusion — I can’t make up my mind either way there.

  4. gremlin said on 7th September 2008, 14:58

    David has it exactly right. We can’t afford some skin-challenged nobody to beat FIArrari, can we?

  5. lewis had advantage by going off so i think penalty

  6. It was just some good fair racing. I’d be surprised if either drivers get any penalty.

  7. he did the same thing in france

  8. there is some spelling mistakes in your post
    btw i missed the race..
    can u tell me from where i can download the full race?

  9. Hamilton shouldn’t have passed Raikkonen at La Source. He got a better run out of the last corner by cutting the chicane – see Alonso/Klien Japan 05.
    Maybe they’re investigating Raikkonen for getting a good run on Lewis while being offtrack.

  10. ..that’s what i assume they’re being investigated for anyway. No penalties necessary as far as i’m concerned.

  11. It was just racing. As much as I didn’t want Hamilton to win, he did nothing wrong today and deserved his victory.

    I don’t think either driver had any fault in the incident. Kimi had every right to defend his line, Lewis every right to challenge it.

  12. qazuhb said on 7th September 2008, 15:04

    do the rules specify any time limit for the stewarts to announce their decision…???

  13. bernification said on 7th September 2008, 15:05

    No penalty.

    Was just racing, and given the dire conditions I think both did well to keep it on track.

    Oh, wait a minute!

  14. TommyB said on 7th September 2008, 15:05

    I don’t get the bit about hamilton getting a better run out of the chicane? He was ahead on the straight so he had to ease off to let kimi passed. Then he just went for a big lunge up the inside and outbreaked him.
    Kimi hit the back of him, maybe a 10 place grid drop for Kimi next race ;p

  15. qazuhb said on 7th September 2008, 15:05

    i meant stewards… sorry Jackie! :-)

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