Lewis Hamilton wins but stewards investigate him and Raikkonen (Video)

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Lewis Hamilton snatched victory in the Belgian Grand Prix from Kimi Raikkonen in the dying stages of the race.

But their thrilling duel as rain fell in the final laps of the race is being investigated by the stewards who feel Hamilton and Raikkonen may have broken the rules. Here’s a video of what happened:

The duel began when Hamilton caught Raikkonen on lap 42. He drew alongside the Ferrari on the outside of the chicane, but Raikkonen pushed him off the track

Is this what Raikkonen is being investigated for? Should he be penalised for it?

That meant Hamilton arrived on the start/finish straight ahead of Raikkonen. Having gained an unfair advantage he let Raikkonen past (which is what he should have done with Vettel at Magny-Cours) but then re-passed Raikkonen at the next corner (La Source).

Is this what Hamilton is being investigated for? Should he be penalised for it?

Later on lap 43 Raikkonen ran wide at Pouhon but regained the circuit without seeming to gain much of an advantage.

Then Hamilton came across a spinning Williams and had to drive off the circuit in avoidance. Raikkonen also took evasive action and seemed to hit Hamilton in doing so. But surely for both drivers this was an unavoidable consequence of Raikkonen trying to avoid the Williams?

I don’t think anything that happened on the last few laps deserves a penalty from the stewards. If anyone was at fault, it was Raikkonen for pushing Hamilton off the track at the chicane. But the stewards have already shown they don’t punish drivers for pushing each other off the track – as with Fernando Alonso and Hamilton at this track last year.

Do you think either driver deserves a penalty? What sort of penalty should they have?

Here’s what Ron Dennis had to say about the investigation on ITV:

First of all we don’t know what the investigation is about. One assumes it was the incident between Kimi and Lewis at the chicane. First of all, Lewis was ahead at the chicane and he got pushed wide. He definitely was in the lead coming out of the chicane, we immediately radioed him to let Kimi past. We let Kimi past and then overtook him again before the line.

Inevitably, we wanted to know whether we had actually, that was deemed to be a correction of that, and we checked with Charlie [Whiting], of course Charlie can only give an opinion, he’s not the stewards, but he gave an opinion that we had complied properly to the regulations. I would even dispute that there was any fault because we had the corner in the chicane, but even if we didn’t have the corner we let Kimi back in the lead.

Update: the stewards have passed their decision and stripped Hamilton of his win. More here.

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  1. It is simply impossible for Hamilton to have “increased momentum” after giving the place back. Raikkonen managed to slice in front of him after he relinquished the place, which would have been impossible at that point unless they were travelling at the same speed and the place had been given back.

    Sure, Hamilton cut it really fine, fine enough to pick up the tow immediately and outbrake Kimi at the next corner. Great move, no penalty, move along.

  2. Penalty for hamham he caused kimis crash.

  3. Having looked at the tape again, I don’t think Kimi pushed Lewis off, he had the line and was protecting his right to take the corner in the second part of the Bus Stop.

    No fines or penalties to either drivers, it was great racing and we should not penalize drivers who want to try and overtake.

  4. sergio, I fail to see how Hamilton caused Kimi’s crash.

  5. Having looked at the video again I think Raikkonen’s weaving on the straight was questionable.

  6. hamilton caused kimi’s crash? erh, i thought it was probably hitting that paint as he came off the runoff area. my, my, lewis is more talented than any of us previously thought, isn’t he?

  7. diseased rat, I agree, a bit of elementary physics in order! If Kimi went past Lewis, either he was accelerating (faster) or Lewis de-accelerating (faster). No momentum advantage for Lewis! Since he passed from Kimi’s left (behind him) to his right, he also had to be fully behind Kimi to achieve this remarkable bit of driving!

    Finally Kimi hit Hamilton (lightly) on entering the chicane, meaning he had to go off track or spin like Webber.

    Frankly the ‘issue’ is surreally pointless except for people who don’t want any actual racing! Ferrari maybe.

  8. This is another reason why paved run offs are bad. We wouldn’t be debating if they had an advantage going off the track if both sides of the chicane were filled with thorn bushes.

    Also, if you read the story on Formula1.com you will see they fail to mention the investigation until the last three words of the paragraph. (your site was overloaded Kieth, I had to look elsewhere.)

    I can’t believe I fell back asleep after the second round of pit stops! (8am here) I thought, “well, nothing interesting is going to happen in the last 15 laps…”

  9. Guys sergio was joking. Unless he really is one of those idiot FIArri fans

  10. Am I correct (in the little research I’ve been able to do) that in ’05 Alonso had to give the place back again, after similar maneuver? If so, it’s pretty hard to see how ANYONE could have kept track moment-to-moment of everything that was happening, thus (much as I HATE this) it’s hard to see a DQ as fair, but it IS reasonable for some penalty to accrue –
    And now, whither Kimi (and thus Fernando) in 2009??

  11. If the stewards do anything to Lewis now it will be a new low for their credibility and for F1. Brilliant racing from both Lewis and Kimi (until he spooned it into the wall), wonderful to watch.

    Hands off FIA.

  12. Nick,

    Your argument is ridiculous. The regulations required Hamilton to let Raikkonen pass. They didn’t require him to give up any chance of retaking the position in the next corner. It’s clear in your comment that your thinking is guided more by anti-Hamilton fervor than rationality.

    No penalties should be distributed to either driver. What they displayed on the track was damned fine (and legal) racing.

  13. According to F1Complete.com Ferrari have lodged an official protest against Hamilton’s racing tactics. I guess this might involve his weaving on the straight after he passed Kimi. Hopefully the stewards will see sense and leave the result alone. Great end to the race!


  14. If Lewis gets a penalty, it will be so disgusting, especially after Charlie Whiting, the experienced F1 referee, said to Ron Dennis he had done nothing wrong. To change the outcome of such an exciting race, or penalise Lewis in the next one, would be such a clear example of bias, I think F1 would be tainted for ever more.

  15. let it go…………
    if u penalise drivers for that we’ll get even less racing than we do now as there’s too much to lose for getting it wrong, not finishing is bad enuff!
    fans love what we saw at the end today and it was in all honesty a fairly dull race till then

  16. Like I said, FIA should penalise and disqualify the wall for totalling Kimi’s car. Why stop at Hamilton?

    I’m a huge Raikkonen and Ferrari fan and even I fail to see any reasoning behind the investigation. At most, they could say that Hamilton didn’t back off enough to let Kimi have it easy for the next corner, but is that enough of a reason to penalise someone? Would Kimi be penalised by FIA if the places were switched? I doubt it…

  17. Neither should be punished, every time there is some good racing they interfere.

  18. A penalty would be oh so counter-productive in just about every respect.
    I notice it’s not been mentioned so far; lets not forget Lewis clawed his way back to pile on the pressure and indeed make the move in the 1st place.
    Wonderful aggression from the championship contender – that’s exactly what we expect.
    As brilliant as Massa has been in the 2nd half of the season I cannot imagine him doing the same?
    Lewis, gutsy as hell – taking on Kimi for gods sake, the current WDC adn coming out 10 points up on him.
    Awesome (Lewis, of course…)

  19. @Martin,

    In Suzuka ’05, Alonso legally let Klien through again after cutting the final chicane. He then got a better run out of the final corner and re-overtook him at the first corner on the very next lap. However, the stewards apparently didn’t notice this move, and ordered Alonso to let Klien re-re-pass. However, it was revealed after that Alonso had done the right thing, and the stewards were at fault.

    So in a similar situation to the one we saw at Spa today, I cannot see how a penalty for cutting the chicane can be justified, especially as, unlike Alonso in Suzuka, Hamilton did not gain any momentum on the straight.

  20. Hamilton still gained an advantage by cutting the second part of the bus-stop; an advantage that he still had (by dint of being closer to Kimi than he would have been had he not cut the corner), and it is this advantage that enabled him to overtake Kimi at La Source.

    Thus, I am of the opinion that Hamilton must be punished as he still had an advantage from cutting the Bus Stop while going into La Source.

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