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Hamilton penalty: FIA closes the stable door after the horse has bolted (Video) 12th September 2008, 23:02

Five days after the Hamilton penalty controversy the FIA has announced how drivers should behave if they cut a corner and gain an advantage while racing a driver for position. According to Autosport: Drivers [have been] informed that in the event of a driver cutting a chicane and gaining a position, he not only had […]

Italian GP history 1989-2007 (Video)

Journeyer finishes off his look at the history of the Italian Grand Prix with a final selection of videos. See part one and part two. Modern-day Monza is the last one of a dying breed. It is the last proper low-downforce track on the calendar. With Hockenheim’s revision in 2002, Monza’s value to the calendar […]

2008 Italian GP free practice 2 live blog

The Italian GP free practice 2 live blog has finished. See below to review the live blog in full.

2008 Italian GP free practice 1 live blog

The Italian Grand Prix free practice 1 live blog is finished. Review the live blog in full below.

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