Overtaking galore at wet Monza (Video)

Wet weather made the Monza F1 race a feast of overtaking

Wet weather made the Monza F1 race a feast of overtaking

It doesn’t usually rain on the Italian Grand Prix but the wet surface at Monza – just as at Silverstone and Spa – gave us some excellent racing.

Here’s video of some of the best passes and key incidents involving Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Mark Webber, Jarno Trulli, David Coulthard and others:

Lewis Hamilton passes Giancarlo Fisichella, Kimi Raikkonen and others

Lewis Hamilton passed car after car in the early stages of the race. Here are some of his moves.

Jarno Trulli passes Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa passes Mark Webber

Trulli lunged past Kubica at the Della Roggia chicane – but Kubica’s perfectly timed pit stop meant he ended up back in front of the Toyota in third while Trulli finished out of the points.

Massa changed onto standard wet tyres a lap before Webber and used that to pass him on the approach to Ascari. Webber spun as they came out of the bend.

Italian Grand Prix incidents

Here’s some of the moves that didn’t work. Fisichella crashed after hitting David Coulthard’s Red Bull. Hamilton put Timo Glock wide, Jenson Button and Nelson Piquet banged wheels, and Coulthard collided with Kazuki Nakajima.

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50 comments on Overtaking galore at wet Monza (Video)

  1. I hear a lot of these “bad manner” comments about Lewis and they are true even Martin Brundle made the point on one of his manouveres, can’t remember which.

    Would be more fascinating to see how the rest of the drivers will treat Hamilton the next time he is overtaking them or being overtaken himself. Nobody likes a big mouth especially one who shows no class in his post-race interviews. Unfortunately for Lewis while he is busy playing up to the British Press he is managing to **** every other driver off in the paddock so it will make an interesting end to this season to see their reactions.

  2. I totally agree with you Rabi. i am a ferrari fan especially Kimi’s. But because Massa is so conceited/loud mouth or big mouth like Hamilton as you call it, I would rather cheer for Vettel than him. Sorry for the off topic Keith.

    But the race yesterday was really awsome. lots of great overtaking. a really great race to remember.

  3. i would not rather take the season as a whole, coz i might be counting all Hammy’s bad moves.

    Note: i’m not a Hammy hater, just don’t want Big Mouth.

    Lalalala lala, Big Mouth Strikes again! – The Smiths.

  4. Shahriar said on 15th September 2008, 12:37

    After reading the comments…
    am quie sure this guy Hammy is surely going to be one of the most Hatred guy in the world in a few years….

    I do support he showed bad manners, btw…

  5. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 15th September 2008, 13:13

    Shahriar – earlier article on that here: The most hated man in Formula 1

  6. mail123456 said on 15th September 2008, 14:50

    some drivers complains about Hamilton driving:

  7. I don’t know if I’d describe Hamilton as driving with “bad manners”, rather he was uncompromising. But then so was Raikkonen just last weekend at Spa. Or has everyone forgotten this?

    After last weekends crazy retrospective penalty I think both Hamilton and Vettel’s driving gave the sport a big boost personally.

  8. mail123456: its not just “some” drivers complaining, its once again Alonso badmouting his former team”mate”. Now I wonder who has no class in his postrace interviews.

  9. OK, Hamilton… “a big boost personally”. Well, we will see when others drivers make the same bad moves against him.

  10. Teles

    Check out the start to Spa 2007:

    Alonso sends ‘team-mate’ Hamilton off the track as his strategy for ensuring Lewis doesn’t pass him. Look carefully (try!) and you’ll first see Alonso weaving away into Lewis off the grid, but gives up trying to send him off track there as he would have lost the corner at La Rouge to others behind. Who spoke up for Alonso’s driving at the start? Raikkonen. Quote ‘seemed fine to me.’

    I think you’ll find there’s ‘history’ to the way LH treats some (or all) drivers now.

  11. Hamilton is just being forced to be defensive. There is a lot of resentment for him in the paddock because he started winning races and got lots of attention than most other drivers on the grid. So you will never find any driver who will say he did anything right.

  12. oops, La Source.

    Oliver, I agree. I also think a lot of what Lewis says is wind-up banter that falls somewhat flat out of context and gets soaked up and simplified by the media who are constantly after provocative sound-bites. As for the overtakes, just how many did Lewis do? Some of them were bound to be on the limit. But like the Webber incident, the other driver is often just as much or more to ‘blame’, though quite how people fail to see this is what racing is about beats me completely.

  13. Martin said on 16th September 2008, 7:29

    I’m sure you don’t make friends in F1 by being young and dramatically talented. Oh, wait, I must have missed everyone’s reaction to Vettel’s win (well, maybe that was just because he had the balls).
    If you added up all the “incidents” with Lewis in the past two seasons, it makes it hard to deny that there is a problem. How to characterize that problem accurately, I dunno…

  14. Jolene said on 16th September 2008, 8:20

    Judging from most of the comments Hamilton must be the only driver on the grid for the past two seasons who cut chicanes,push people off the track,made mistakes,bad mouthed other drivers etc, blah blah blah. I am left speechless at the dislike for this YOUNG DRIVER! I personally think its just that every single word or move of his is scrutinized because he has become so popular. Its become really sad that personal bias has become so bad that we cannot just enjoy F1 for what it is anymore. Am I making any sense? Can we not see how ridiculous and pathetic this Lewis bashing has become?

  15. NDINYO said on 16th September 2008, 9:43

    I think Hamilton doesn’t care about manners or pleasing the FIA anymore – the way he sees it, it doesn’t matter how careful he is, somebody is gonna whine about him anyway. If i were him i would do the same – he is now driving his race, the haters can whine until they are blue in the face – so long as he doesn’t read the blogs,who cares.

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