Overtaking galore at wet Monza (Video)

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Wet weather made the Monza F1 race a feast of overtaking
Wet weather made the Monza F1 race a feast of overtaking

It doesn’t usually rain on the Italian Grand Prix but the wet surface at Monza – just as at Silverstone and Spa – gave us some excellent racing.

Here’s video of some of the best passes and key incidents involving Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Mark Webber, Jarno Trulli, David Coulthard and others:

Lewis Hamilton passes Giancarlo Fisichella, Kimi Raikkonen and others

Lewis Hamilton passed car after car in the early stages of the race. Here are some of his moves.

Jarno Trulli passes Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa passes Mark Webber

Trulli lunged past Kubica at the Della Roggia chicane – but Kubica’s perfectly timed pit stop meant he ended up back in front of the Toyota in third while Trulli finished out of the points.

Massa changed onto standard wet tyres a lap before Webber and used that to pass him on the approach to Ascari. Webber spun as they came out of the bend.

Italian Grand Prix incidents

Here’s some of the moves that didn’t work. Fisichella crashed after hitting David Coulthard’s Red Bull. Hamilton put Timo Glock wide, Jenson Button and Nelson Piquet banged wheels, and Coulthard collided with Kazuki Nakajima.

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  1. Hamilton is just being forced to be defensive. There is a lot of resentment for him in the paddock because he started winning races and got lots of attention than most other drivers on the grid. So you will never find any driver who will say he did anything right.

  2. oops, La Source.

    Oliver, I agree. I also think a lot of what Lewis says is wind-up banter that falls somewhat flat out of context and gets soaked up and simplified by the media who are constantly after provocative sound-bites. As for the overtakes, just how many did Lewis do? Some of them were bound to be on the limit. But like the Webber incident, the other driver is often just as much or more to ‘blame’, though quite how people fail to see this is what racing is about beats me completely.

  3. I’m sure you don’t make friends in F1 by being young and dramatically talented. Oh, wait, I must have missed everyone’s reaction to Vettel’s win (well, maybe that was just because he had the balls).
    If you added up all the “incidents” with Lewis in the past two seasons, it makes it hard to deny that there is a problem. How to characterize that problem accurately, I dunno…

  4. Judging from most of the comments Hamilton must be the only driver on the grid for the past two seasons who cut chicanes,push people off the track,made mistakes,bad mouthed other drivers etc, blah blah blah. I am left speechless at the dislike for this YOUNG DRIVER! I personally think its just that every single word or move of his is scrutinized because he has become so popular. Its become really sad that personal bias has become so bad that we cannot just enjoy F1 for what it is anymore. Am I making any sense? Can we not see how ridiculous and pathetic this Lewis bashing has become?

  5. I think Hamilton doesn’t care about manners or pleasing the FIA anymore – the way he sees it, it doesn’t matter how careful he is, somebody is gonna whine about him anyway. If i were him i would do the same – he is now driving his race, the haters can whine until they are blue in the face – so long as he doesn’t read the blogs,who cares.

  6. I’ve written a new article that covers some of the moves made in Monza: Four of F1’s ‘unwritten rules’

  7. @ Oliver, I’m going to have to disagree with your point #41 about, resentment = no support.

    Whilst I personally thought that Hamilton did nothing wrong during his race at Monza (in fact he reminded me of Schumacher who is still my favourite driver ever!), I believe there is still enough room for a person whether they be a driver/boss or arm-chair critic to say otherwise.

    I think that making such a hugely sweeping statement that no drivers will ever agree with or stick up for Hamilton due to resentment is very unfair to the 19 other drivers on the grid. That is fairly much labelling them as children as that is what children do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is an element of resentment and/or envy in certain drivers regarding Hamilton’s success and attention. But saying that 19 drivers will not ever support Hamilton due to this is effectively saying that they cannot distinguish between what is right/fair and their own pride.

    I respect the drivers too much to agree with that.

  8. @Oliver[41]:
    Personally I don’t think it’s resentment to his youth. It’s his arrogance and lack of dignity and there was such a clear cut example of this in the post-race interview that ITV when he said something like “Oh who won the race?”.

    If you have someone like that on the grid who is always “me, me, me and I don’t give two flying ***** about everyone else” then there will be hatred towards him – no matter what the age. Lewis wants to be like his idol on the track, Senna that is.

  9. Was everyone else watching a different race to me?

    Where were all these ‘rude’ manouvers? Are these comments coming from the same people that drive along the road at 20mph under the limit and then flash anybody ‘rude’ enough to overtake them?

    The only overtake by Lewis I thought was maybe a bit dodgy was on Alonso where I wasn’t convinced he was fully past him when he pulled back in-front of him. But after what Alfonso did last year I couldn’t blame him, much.

    The Glock bit was a non-event – Lewis was well past and driving the corner normally.

    What other LH overtakes were rude? I would be genuinely interested to know!

  10. MarkR

    To answer your question there were no “rude” manouvers from Hamilton. I´m afraid there are certain people out there that will criticise him no matter what he does. They should just enjoy watching the man at work but there you go.

    I´m a Ferrari fan at heart but cant help but be excited by this guy, and being English aswell we (Brits) should be getting behind him, but it seems we´re not like that, we prefer to put ourselves down. I live in Spain and believe me, theres not one Spanish person that would say a bad word about Alonso, and he´s hardly the nice guy of F1 is he?!

    Hamilton has so much talent, he´s one of the few drivers that have really stood out in F1 for his car control and ability to find the limits in all conditions. The same was said about Senna, that he´d go out on his first lap and be on the limit near instantly, well for me Hamilton has that same rare ability. Is it not fare to say that you really find out about a drivers abillty when it rains, well i´m losing count of the times Hamilton has made the rest look average at best. Fuji last year, Silverstone and Monza this, and he´s stillso young.

    The only thing I will say as a negative towards Hamilton is his willingness to let us know how great he is. I know Senna was similar in that respect also and I believe Senna is a big influence on Hamilton, but I´d like to see his fans do the talking to allow him to do his talking behind the wheel. But he´s young and with time i´m sure he´ll see that more and more.

    Anyway, here´s to a great end to the season, cant wait!!!


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