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Has Singapore’s F1 track held a race? 16th September 2008, 23:58

The next stop on the F1 calendar is another all-new venue. Like Valencia last month, the Singapore track is a street circuit, although a larger proportion of the circuit is expected to be actual roads rather than purpose-built track. A few weeks before the European Grand Prix the organisers put on an event for Formula […]

John Beamer’s F1 tech file: Monza

In what I hope will become a regular series John Beamer, editor of F1-Pitlane, takes a look at the teams’ technical developments from the Italian Grand Prix. Not only is Monza a classic F1 track but it unique among current F1 tracks in that it demands teams to bring one-off aero packages to the race. […]

The Ben Evans column: F1 Olympics

F1Fanatic guest writer Ben Evans pushes the case for motor racing to be part of the 2012 London Olympics. Every four years at some point during the Olympics the debate rumbles around ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ why is motorsport not included? Usually this is dismissed out of hand – the Olympics is a battle of man not machine, […]

Four of F1’s ‘unwritten rules’

At the Italian Grand Prix weekend driving standards was a hot topic again – hardly surprising given the furore over Lewis Hamilton’s penalty at Spa, and Monza’s combination of two tight chicanes plus a soaking wet track. With Hamilton’s appeal against his penalty due to be heard on Monday 22nd September it’s a good time […]

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