Those Santander trophies are rubbish – and probably break F1’s rules

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The rules say trophies should be \"traditional\". These don\'t look it to me
The rules say trophies should be 'traditional'. These don't look it to me

After the Italian Grand Prix Todd was unimpressed with the Santander logo trophies that were given to the drivers:

F1 trophies I would have thought would be a very special thing, usually events have a very well designed trophy to commemorate the victory, but now – and for the rest of his life – Sebastian Vettel has a logo to commemorate his first every victory in F1.

Thing is, according to the rules F1 trophies are supposed to be “traditional”. So should Santander logos be used as trophies?

On the Live Blog during the podium ceremony I posted this excerpt from the Appendix 4, article 4 of the sporting regulations (emphasis added):

The trophies, which must be in the form of traditional cups, will be provided by the ASN and must show:
a) the FIA Formula 1 World Championship official logo
b) the official name of the event
c) the driver’s position.

Are Santander logos “traditional cups”? Here’s Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt with their trophies at Monza two years ago:

Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt with their trophies at Monza in 2006
Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt with their trophies at Monza in 2006

Monza wasn’t the first time we’ve seen these tacky Santander ‘trophies’ in 2008 either. They were handed out at the German Grand Prix as well.

Todd reckons:

What a way to ruin it. Not a trophy bathed in Monza history, a ******* logo from a company that will probably be bankrupt and shrouded in scandal by the time Vettel is retired and telling the story of the logo on his shelf to his kids.

Bernie has been too greedy there in my opinion.

And I have to say I agree with him.

Yesterday we were discussing how the FIA struggles to apply its ‘unwritten rules’ consistently. It’s hardly surprising when they can’t get the written rules right either.

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  1. And they were handed out at Silverstone too don’t forget.

    F1 is so commercial (and has been for so long) that quite frankly this issue doesn’t overly worry me.

    When you have a car careering round the track looking like a a billboard, and drivers strapping their corporate watches on their wrist and slapping a bridgestone “winners” cap on their head then why not have coporate trophies.

    Whatever next? Perhaps the winning sponsor can play its corporate music instead of the national anthem

  2. John – were they? I remember after Silverstone the press was full of pictures of Hamilton kissing a big gold trophy.

  3. right so Shoemaker and Toads trophies are basically the Vodafone logo from top down as well…

    hideous, I never realised that one.

  4. I suppose this is today’s equivalent of the removal of the laurel wreath given to the victors.

  5. How about those silver steering wheels that are awarded after the Australian Grands Prix – would they have to go too, Keith?
    Give them their due, at least the Vodaphone trophy in your second picture is making a slight effort at being a cup, whereas the Santander “flame” is just a load of old tat. They could have made a “traditional” cup with two Santander logos as the handles… just my tuppence ha’penny (which is possibly what these cups cost to make in the first place).

  6. Keith, I think Silverstone had the good taste/fortune of allowing a real trophy to the winner, but the poor 2:nds and 3:rds got the Santander version.

  7. Yeah – that’s right second and third (and Ron Dennis) got the Santander trophies. Hamilton may also have recevied one as well as the gold cup …

  8. Those Santander trophies do look awful though.

    I do believe they were handed out at Silverstone too, but maybe just for the 2nd and 3rd place drivers?

    And the silver steering wheels are supposed to be replica’s of Jack Brabham’s steering wheel. I’d say that was well within the rules. I should think shields are just as valid as cups, much like the Wimbledon tennis trophy or the Charity Shield in English football.

  9. Hear, hear!

    Not only is it butt ugly, but we have to see it at every Santander Grand Prix. Even Bahrain’s trash basket is better!

    You should be able to look at a trophy; be it cup, plate or wheel and identify the event. Say for example, er, Bahrain’s trophy!

  10. Completely agree with John (post #1) – in the commercial, and part globalisation, world of F1 where every opportunity for a corporation to snug exposure is exploited, it’s not something too surprising (or worrying).

    And the drivers seem happy to have the trophies, I wonder whether or not they really care if it’s ugly or know it’s against the rules…they got theirs and it’s a symbol all the same….maybe let them know and they might say something?

  11. You realise that the next step will be purchasing naming rights to the tracks.

    Consider for a moment, Spa needs $10 Million quid for their place on the calender. They take the money and rename the track ‘Circuit de Santander’. instead of Albert Park, we will race at ING park. And so forth. It has been happening in Football for years and will creep into our sport as well.

    Trophies are rubbish, agree with you all.

  12. I hate them. The Abbey/Santander logo looks like a steaming pile of poo (it does!)

    Also, I don’t know if anyone can find footage of when Heidfeld received his trophy for coming second at the British GP this year? His face was a picture when he was pointing to Hamilton about the differences between the two trophies (Hamilton received a more traditional one on the podium).

  13. “You realise that the next step will be purchasing naming rights to the track.”

    Too late… we’ve already had A1-Ring in Austria, formerly known as Österreichring.

    I agree with what all of you have said, it has gone a step too far.

  14. Terry , I’m surprised they Santander haven’t done something clever at Silverstone with the Abbey chicane and perhaps buy up advertising space there.

    Yes , these “employee of the month” trophies are a step too far really – why can’t they do something like the old Silver Moet champagne and brand that instead?

  15. That’s nothing. Have you ever seen a Nascar winner’s circle? They place all the sponsors’ products on top of the car. The driver climbs out amid bottles of soft drinks, razors, bags of potato chips, cans of motor oil and God knows what else. It’s horrible.

  16. Tengil – that’s a good point about the A1-Ring, I’d forgotten about that. Doesn’t A1 make tarmac or something?

    Francois – “employee of the month” is spot on and I’ll be referring to them as such from now on!

    Singtel are sponsoring the next Grand Prix – will the trophy be a big mobile ‘phone?

  17. I’m not really sure I understand the problem here. F1 is a commercial sport. The teams hare named after companies. There are logos all over the drivers overalls and car. The tracks are filled with advertising sign (sometimes taking up a good 20% of the TV picture during the broadcasts). Even the events are named after the main sponsor. If it wasn’t for those companies, there would be no new fancy tracks. It is not uncommon for ice hockey arenas or football stadiums to be named after a main sponsor, so I think it will eventually trickle down even to motor sport. And I don’t really see how the shape of the trophy is such a big deal. I’m not even sure the drivers themselves care that much about how the trophy looks. And ten years from now, nobody will not even recognize the trophy as a logo any more…

  18. Keith , A1 I think are an Austrian mobile phone company just like Singtel who sponsor the Singapore GP.

  19. Spot on Keith, Todd is right. The trophies should represent the country/history of the event, Vettel will be delighted telling his kids/grand kids about that first (of which i think will be many) win and the trophy but it hardly looks Italian does it…i mean the picture with Schuey and Jean Todt shows trophies that look different.

    With Santander sponsoring the British and German GP’s as well this season, it just dosn’t seem right does it. Why cant all countires be like Hungary which hand out very traditional trophies…

  20. I think Emilio Botín has gone too far with this.

    The original idea will have been to link the logo to a high standard Trophy, but I’m afraid the result is different: The logo is devaluating those events in wich it’s used as a trophy!

    I’m pretty sure none of those drivers that have rised the trophy are oppening an account in BANIF (Private Banking division of Banco Santander)

    What next?

    During the press conference, the drivers will have to start their declarations saying something like: “I’m very proud of having the opportunity of racing in this great Grand Prix, thanks to Banco Santander, my bank, your bank everybody’s bank”


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