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2009 F1 drivers: who will be dropped? 19th September 2008, 15:00

Before the Italian Grand Prix ITV showed an interview with Sebastien Bourdais. The stress of knowing his F1 drive for 2009 is under threat was plain to see as he started crying at one point. He’s not the only driver who’s place in F1 in 2009 is in doubt: Nelson Piquet Jnr is waiting to […]

Live blog helpers needed

The F1 Fanatic live blogs during race weekends continue to grow. During the Italian Grand Prix 334 people joined in and contributed almost 2,500 comments – and this was during the race alone, there were even more in the practice and qualifying sessions. With an exciting end to the season in prospect and the F1 […]

Oops. Did we curse Toyota?

Three weeks ago, between the Valencia and Spa races, we did a poll on which team would finish fourth in the constructors’ championship. Toyota dominated the voting, with over three-quarters backing them to take fourth in the constructors’ title. Since then they haven’t scored a point and their fourth place is under attack from Renault […]

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