Toyota has $445.6m F1 budget

Toyota has almost ten times as much to spend this year as Super Aguri did

Toyota has almost ten times as much to spend this year as Super Aguri did

Last week’s astonishing events on the financial markets will surely have an impact on F1 sooner or later. Governments are supporting major financial institutions and others are going to the wall.

This will inevitably impact upon a sport like Formula 1 which devours money. New research shows the teams have over $3bn in resources this year. And Toyota has more money to spend than any other team but it is one of three outfits with over $400m to spend. Here are the astonishing figures that show the true cost of competing in F1.

2008 F1 team resources

Including sponsorship, supplier deals, prize money, team owner contributions, tyre provision and supply of customer engines where appropriate.

Toyota: $445.6m
McLaren: $433.3m
Ferrari: $414.9m
Honda: $398.1m
Renault: $393.8m
BMW Sauber: $366.8m
Red Bull Racing: $164.7m
Williams: $160.6m
Toro Rosso: $128.2m
Force India: $121.85m
Super Aguri: $45.6m

Total: $3,073.45m

2007 team cost per point

2007 team resources divided by points scored.

Ferrari: $1.9m
BMW Sauber: $3.3m
Williams: $4m
Red Bull Racing: $5.9m
Renault: $7.3m
Toro Rosso: $10.6m
Super Aguri: $19.4m
Toyota: $34.2m
Spyker: $52.95m
Honda: $57.2m
McLaren: No points scored

Average length of current sponsorships by team

Ferrari: 13 seasons
McLaren: 7.07 seasons
Toyota: 5.36 seasons
BMW Sauber: 4.27 seasons
Renault: 3.97 seasons
Williams: 3.83 seasons
Honda: 3.28 seasons
Red Bull Racing: 2.73 seasons
Force India: 2.16 seasons
Super Aguri: 1.88 seasons
Toro Rosso: 1.86 seasons

Source: Christian Sylt / Formula Money

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27 comments on Toyota has $445.6m F1 budget

  1. Couple of things I take from the numbers:

    – It’s ironic; you really can’t call it “Formula One” anymore. The dramatic difference in revenue between the manufacture teams and the “Garagesters” is amazing. That said, the statement that rings true with other sports now rings with Formula One: It is not how much money you spend, it is what you do with it.

    – This might be their total expenses, but I wonder what their revenue is? It’s oblivious looking at the numbers that each manufacture pours perhaps $250 million apiece and get the rest through advertising. Some of the manufacture teams seem to be better at bring in sponsors (like Ferrari, Renault, McLaren, and perhaps BMW) then say like Honda. Any place which breaks that down?

    – How the @#@& can Honda be THAT bad with a nearly $400 million budget? Really, give me that much and even I could build a better car. My god! Brawn certainly has his work cut out for him.

    – I am surprised that Toro Rosso and Red Bull’s budget are that similar. Is it really a $36ish million different between a customer and a chassis supplier? Wow!

  2. Steven Roy said on 22nd September 2008, 21:55


    The RBR and STR chassis are designed and made by a third company. It’s called something like Red Bull Technology. It will have an entirely separate budget.

  3. @Sush
    You either have a very vivid imagination OR – Can I have some of that stuff you are on ? :-)

  4. michael counsell said on 22nd September 2008, 23:31

    They teams only spend the money because they can. They don’t need to make a profit and are constantly developing new technology and generating the money every year. They size of the budgets are not a problem but a sign that things are going well for the teams.

  5. Like many other things on earth these days , F1 has managed to blow up a very big balloon which I hope they can deflate slowly back to the normal size without it going BANG. and it’s unfortunately the cause of excessive politics and court room battles , as we have witnessed too many of in the last few years.

  6. Psst! Better keep this list from Max eys sight. Else, he will find way to get a chunk of Toyota’s & Maclaren to subsidise Ferrari’s win.

  7. ross brawn should really be at toyota not honda. next year will be the real test of honda’s power. better hope they do better next year if they want to stay in F1, otherwise i fear they might think about leaving…

  8. I’d be really interested to see how much of McLaren’s budget comes from Mercedes. We can see the other manufacturer’s spending, but Mercedes manages to stay in the shadows. Anyone know if Formula Money covers this?

  9. Nick said on 22nd April 2009, 11:51

    Toyota has the bigest budget in the world than others car manufactures! This is known! Also Toyota make an F1 team from zero (0), it’s means buy stuff without f1 experience on 2002 and built f1 factory in Germany with own and try to do “one aim” to win formula 1 one day… Believe that f1 in nowdays is very difficult to do that from zero… Needs time and years. Now Toyota has 8 years in f1 and i beleive it’s the time to do the “one aim”
    Don’t forget something, Renault buy Benneton team 2002 and come in f1, that’s means ranault is Benneton with 10 years experience stuff and factory in f1 + 8 years nowdays= about 18 years experience, so wins 2 championships! BMW buy Sauber team too, they cannot make a team of zero their own teams because they have not much money to do that it’s dificult, Toyota can do that and i believe in this team… The begging is on 2009…!

  10. dookster said on 20th June 2009, 1:14

    How much did Sir Virginair paid for this years Fq championship?

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