Changes to the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Since the introduction of the live blogs at the start of this year they have grown quickly and are available on several F1 sites including BlogF1, Vee8 and F1 Wolf.

From this weekend we’re making a few changes to the live blogs which are explained below, plus details of when this weekend’s live blogs will be run.

The live blogs have become so busy in recent races it has often become difficult to follow the conversation. We’ve had up to 400 people participating in some sessions, and just as a conversation between 400 people cannot take place if everyone is speaking at once, the same is true with the live blogs.

These are the changes that will be made from this weekend in order to allow everyone to continue contributing to the live blogs.

More moderators

Thanks to an excellent response to the call for volunteers last week, we now have more moderators to help run the live blogs.


Recognising that many people who use the live blogs are not able to follow the sessions on television or live timing, we will now have dedicated ‘commentators’ whose role will be to provide updates on things like race order, changes in gaps between drivers, lap times and so on.

Moderating the discussion

The moderators will try to keep the discussion centred around a limited number of topics at once. Usually this will be about what’s going on at the track at the moment.

During the live blog if you’ve got a question or point about something that’s not being discussed post it as usual, and the moderators will publish it if they can. Some comments might be held for a while to be used during a lull in the conversation, others may be used as subjects for polls.

Comments that repeat something that’s been said recently will usually not be posted. For example, when a major event has happened on track and 20 comments each saying “Sutil spins” (or similar) are posted, only one will be published. Comments giving further observations or thoughts, e.g., “Sutil’s rear wing had fallen off” or “Sutil spun at the same corner yesterday” are more likely to get posted.

I know some people will have concerns about every comment not being posted ‘live’. But with the sheer number of people using the live blog now it’s no longer possible to continue in this way. We will do our best to ensure everyone gets a chance to air their thoughts and opinions during the live blog.

Future changes

This weekend will be the first time we’ve tried this new system and it’s likely there will be some things that work well and some things that don’t. We’re always open to suggestions for future changes:


Got any feedback about the changes to the live blog? Post your thoughts below.

Singapore Grand Prix Live blogs

The free practice live blogs will run during the free practice sessions.
The qualifying live blog will start 45 minutes before qualifying and end 20 minutes after.
The race live blog will start 60 minutes before the race and end 20 minutes after.
Singapore Grand Prix session times here.