Bloggers on the Singapore GP

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

A quick scan of the blogs reveals some of the reactions Singaporeans have to the arrival of F1 in their country – most of it positive:

F1 Roox – “After we reach Marina Square, we heard something noisy from outside an there was a big crowd!! yeeeeh, that?s F1!”

F1Racing in Singapore – “I?m now at work AND i can hear ‘vrroooooommmm??'”

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2008 Caricature Gifts – Perhaps someone can explain these to me?

Here’s posts from some people at the race:

Day 1 – Singapore F1 Grand Prix 1st and 2nd Practice

Day 1: Renault Scores in F1 Trail!, Day 2: Cheer up Alonso!

Singapore F1 Grand Prix qualifying

Day 1 – Singapore Grand Prix Practice Run: Afternoon and Evening

Not everyone’s a fan though:

Annoying F1 races – “I tuned in to the TV just now to see the race. We couldn?t even tell when the race had ended.” That’s because it hasn’t started yet…