Felipe Massa’s pit lane disaster (video)

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Ferrari suffered a disastrous problem during a pit stop for the second race this year. Felipe Massa was signalled to leave his pit box while the refuelling rig was stil attached to his car.

The F2008 wrenched the fuel hose from the refuelling rig and Massa joined the fast lane of the pits in front of Adrian Sutil with several metres of hose hanging out of his car.

Ironically, it was Sutil that Massa controversially pulled out in front of during the European Grand Prix at Valencia.

In today’s incident Massa had to stop at the end of the pit lane where his mechanics ran to him and, with some difficulty, removed the hose. He rejoined last and was later given a drive through penalty.

Ferrari had been using their semi-automatic lights system for releasing drivers from the pits, which was the focus of discussion after the Valencia race. When Massa made his second stop Ferrari used a traditional lollipop to release him.

Did they make a mistake by not using that to begin with? And will they stick to it in future?

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  1. I think Ferrari really need to look closely at their pitstop procedure – both systems rely on humans to make a judgement, so I don’t think one is better than the other, but the team need some re-training.

  2. got a few videos here, where you clearly can see the green light (2nd video) that massa gets before he leaves.

  3. poor Massa has been really let down by the pit crew this year, they forgot to put petrol in his car, now this incident. Not his fault but he pays the price. Maybe the pit crew need to be as afraid of Massa as they were of Schumacher if they made a mistake

  4. I’m looking to Ferrari’s appeal for the drive through!!
    (Yes, I know, you can’t).

  5. I know what I’m asking for Xmas… BAN REFUELLING !!!!

  6. So true Zaphod..
    Kinda of feel sorry for Felipe..
    Btw,the youtube video is no longer available..i saw it in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlMki-xZB7s

  7. Look forward to Massa criticizing Sutil for this incident too! Precisely the same sequence of events (though admittedly he was towing half of his garage with him this time).

    Punishing Massa afterwards may or may not be right, but Ferrari should be fined massively and told immediately to stop using the light system to release their drivers. If they carrying on using it, one of their own pit crew or someone else is going to get seriously injured. It’s ridiculous the stewards can waste so much time over how many fractions of a second Hamilton gained cutting a corner when Ferrari are visibly risking people’s safety. Get it sorted FIA!

  8. I’m with Ollie, Ferrari need to send all their F1 crew to a bootcamp. The light system, in theory, is effective if you say the “average” human reaction is between 0.1-0.2 seconds and in F1 it all counts.

    Maybe they should have one person (the lollipop man?) have an override button – the lights won’t go green without his button, but he can’t make them go green without everyone else signalling an OK. However, with this much effort, you might as well just revert back to the old system.

    On another note, I wouldn’t have had much confidence being Kimi, watching this all happen right in front of him. Plus with fuel going all around the place, although not as much as the Benetton incident as the splashes were dispersed, I’m glad a fire didn’t start.

  9. It’s really strange how it happened because the fuel rig guy clearly wasn’t ready yet apparently he had pushed the button to make the light go green. Maybe he pushed it by accident?

  10. there were 2 nice ironys in todays race

    Massa got his just deserts and finally got his penalty for cutting up Sutil


    Hamilton has got his 7 points back!

  11. Maybe they should have one person (the lollipop man?) have an override button – the lights won’t go green without his button…. <<<< I like dis idea man :0

  12. But Ferrari already have someone controlling the override.

    The problem comes in that it’s easy to cancel the order to go with a lollipop – it’s fairly obvious when a lollipop is going to smack you in the face, but not so with the lights. It looked like they went back to red from green, but by then no attention is paid to them.

    Admittedly, reverting to red could’ve been for any of three reasons, Raikkonens pit stop, Sutil or the hose.

  13. And to think that no fuel actually went into the car of Massa in all that time.
    Going back to using a lollipop doesn’t really solve the problem as we saw with coulthard. The only thing it can do though is maybe make the driver aware he has a problem much earlier. I still have memories of Button driving off with his refueling hose some years back, and in that instance it was a lollipop being used.

    Finally the FIA gave the Ferrari of Massa a drive through penalty, when he was clearly not going to score any points :-)

  14. Oliver

    Finally the FIA gave the Ferrari of Massa a drive through penalty, when he was clearly not going to score any points.

    Inconsistency, FIA? That happens to favour Ferrari?! It’s not even worth discussing any more. But really it’s the team’s fault, not Massa’s. More intriguing is Alonso’s use of the chicane to gain a place on Button at the start… But I’d rather Alonso kept the win, he’s a great driver and deserves it.

  15. I still can’t get over the fact that a perfectly safe refueling when the pit lane is closed render a more severe penalty than an extremely stupid and dangerous move that risks the safety of other drivers and team personal. I know that Massa’s failure was basically the teams fault, but one could argue that that was the case with the “illegal” refueling as well. At least, Ferrari’s constructors point from this race should be taken away,

  16. saab, good thing they didn’t score any then!

  17. Best Ferrari pit stop ever!

  18. So do we carry on with this refuelling entertainment until a pit crew member is killed? Two injuries in one race sustained by guys who hardly earn the dollar that the drivers get I’ll bet – in no other commercial activity would a Health and Safety hazard like this be tolerated.

  19. Poor Massa, the light turned green, and he went. I really hated that light system before today, and now it’s obvious it should go. Get your stuff together Ferrari, you just cost Massa 8-10 points and the lead in the WDC.

  20. Refueling is having more problem then it ever did when it was first banned…

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