Felipe Massa’s pit lane disaster (video)

Ferrari suffered a disastrous problem during a pit stop for the second race this year. Felipe Massa was signalled to leave his pit box while the refuelling rig was stil attached to his car.

The F2008 wrenched the fuel hose from the refuelling rig and Massa joined the fast lane of the pits in front of Adrian Sutil with several metres of hose hanging out of his car.

Ironically, it was Sutil that Massa controversially pulled out in front of during the European Grand Prix at Valencia.

In today’s incident Massa had to stop at the end of the pit lane where his mechanics ran to him and, with some difficulty, removed the hose. He rejoined last and was later given a drive through penalty.

Ferrari had been using their semi-automatic lights system for releasing drivers from the pits, which was the focus of discussion after the Valencia race. When Massa made his second stop Ferrari used a traditional lollipop to release him.

Did they make a mistake by not using that to begin with? And will they stick to it in future?

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52 comments on Felipe Massa’s pit lane disaster (video)

  1. Gabriel said on 28th September 2008, 18:08

    saab, good thing they didn’t score any then!

  2. Best Ferrari pit stop ever!

  3. So do we carry on with this refuelling entertainment until a pit crew member is killed? Two injuries in one race sustained by guys who hardly earn the dollar that the drivers get I’ll bet – in no other commercial activity would a Health and Safety hazard like this be tolerated.

  4. Ben Goldberg said on 28th September 2008, 18:28

    Poor Massa, the light turned green, and he went. I really hated that light system before today, and now it’s obvious it should go. Get your stuff together Ferrari, you just cost Massa 8-10 points and the lead in the WDC.

  5. Refueling is having more problem then it ever did when it was first banned…

  6. And to think, that wouldn’t have happened if they still had a lollipop man. Someone physically standing there who could see that the hose hadn’t been removed, and therefore would not have given Massa the ‘green light’, so to speak.

    I did cheer when it happened though.

  7. The most embarrassing silly and unfortunately slightly dangerous moment of this whole season. Taking the topspot from Lewis red light incident in Montreal. Last years most stupendously incredible (or is that incredibly stupid?) moment was when Lewis parked in the tiniest available gravel pit in probably all of f1. That proved to the decisive moment for his title chances, I have reasons to believe that this hose incident will be regarded in the same way in terms of Massa’s WC chances.

  8. Green Flag said on 28th September 2008, 19:08

    Since Ross Brawn departed Ferrari pit crews behave like a combined Keystone Cops and 3 Stooges in red outfits. Funny and embarrassing.

  9. I am a Ferrari fan to the core. I was angry when it happened live, but the more I watch the replays; I simply can’t stop laughing..

    Poor ferrari mechanics with large paunches running across the pit-lane.. reminds me of how I used to catch the bus everyday for college

  10. beneboy said on 28th September 2008, 19:56

    I’m with Zaphod @ #4, refuelling should be banned,

    Get back to low fuel qualifying so the fastest guy gets the pole, not the one with the least fuel as happens most of the time now.

    Start the race with full fuel gives the drivers a much greater challenge as the handling changes drastically as the fuel is used up plus the lap times get faster towards the end of the race.

    If we have to have it though then Ferrari’s system needs to be dropped, get a lollipop man back in front of the car. No one wants to see a mechanic getting killed or seriously hurt.

  11. Those who think the lollipop man could make the difference in stopping a driver should look at this:

    As for the Ferrari light system it should be outlawed.

  12. bernification said on 28th September 2008, 21:00

    What has to happen before Ferrari have their lighting system banned?

    Kimi drives over one of his mechanics and doesn’t even get a fine. (And how is that mechanic BTW? Heard anything more about him, other than ‘He’s fine’).

    Massa leaves right in front of Sutil- gets a punishment that isn’t even in the book.

    Today he clearly got a green light. The system is flawed and should be banned before someone is seriously hurt. And again Sutil had the cheek to not brake before the Ferrari box.

    Very strange that Massa did recieved a drive through today, but heck, he wasn’t in the points, so why not.

  13. That was Button’s fault though, he drove THROUGH the lollipop.

  14. The above comment is about the video Rabi posted if it isn’t obvious.

  15. Jonathan Weighell said on 28th September 2008, 21:36

    It doesn’t seem rocket science to me to add a sensor to the end of the refueling nozzle that can tell if it’s still connected? And if so, not allow the light to go green until it can sense that it’s been released?

    Or am I missing something?!

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