Coulthard hits back at Kravitz

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

First Luca di Montezemolo vs Bernie Ecclestone, now it?s Ted Kravitz (ITV?s pit lane reporter) vs David Coulthard.

Kravitz had a few sharp words to say about Coulthard?s performance in the Singapore Grand Prix:

It seems pointless to criticise a man who?s only got three more races to go in his F1 career, but since he may well be dishing plenty of criticism out to others next year, I?ll start now: he was mediocre in Singapore.

David was handed a gilt-edged opportunity by his team, who made the right call when Piquet crashed. [??] When the safety car came in, he was looking good – running right behind Alonso and Webber, yet he finished the race behind Rosberg (with a 10 second stop & go), Hamilton, Glock, Vettel and Heidfeld.

David will argue that he lost time on his in-lap due to Alonso coming out of the pits and blocking him on lap 42. But he lost four seconds. A good in-lap was 1m50s, a decent one 1m52s, David?s was 1m56s. Could he not have overtaken the Renault?

And he?ll point to the three or four seconds lost in the pit stop (through no fault of his own), but David finished 16 seconds behind and could only manage the 13th quickest lap.

I don?t mean to sound picky, but it just seems that David is a shadow of the driver he was this time last year.

Coulthard?s response came a few days later and, to be fair, it was not entirely surprising given Kravitz?s column ended ??Luckily, [Coulthard]?s a fellow columnist on this website, so check back in a few days and you might find out!??

But the length of Coulthard?s response ?ǣ over 1,100 words! – and the cutting nature of some of his remarks suggest Kravitz may have touched a nerve. Here?s a snippet of Coulthard?s indignant reaction:

However my fellow columnist Ted Kravitz ?ǣ who I think I may have met in the Formula 1 paddock at some point, although I?d have to check ?ǣ has thrown down the gauntlet by suggesting that my performance was ??mediocre?? and that I?m now in retirement mode.

Having now had the opportunity to read Ted?s column, I?m afraid there are several inaccuracies that I need to correct to give a true picture of how my race unfolded.

First off, he criticises my slow in-lap before my second pit stop and asks why I was unable to overtake Fernando Alonso, who had just emerged from the pits.

Well, Lewis Hamilton ?ǣ in one of the fastest cars out there ?ǣ couldn?t pass me for more than 20 laps, so why would I be able to pass Alonso, who went on to win the grand prix?

If Lewis is as good as we all think he is, why did he spend more than 20 laps behind me?

Could he not have overtaken a driver in the twilight of his career if it was as easy as Ted imagines? How many people have you, Ted Kravitz, overtaken?


I?m entirely comfortable being in the category of has-been because the other options are to be a wannabe or a never-has-been.

Read Coulthard?s full reaction here, and share your thoughts below on whether this is a proper row or just ITV trying to whip up some interest in their columns.

Coulthard, of course, is tipped to be part of BBC’s F1 coverage in 2009, but Kravitz is not…