Ferrari ditch lights for lollipop

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Despite their pit-lane blunders at Valencia and Singapore it originally seemed as though Ferrari were going to stick with their controversial ??traffic light? system for releasing cars from the pits.

Ed Gorman reported on his blog:

A Ferrari source said the review into the system conducted by Stefano Domenicali had produced strong support for keeping the lights. The team believes it is a good system which is a step ahead of the old lollipop. The Scuderia believes the system alone has gained them a couple of places this season (Hungary might have been one occasion, apparently). “We don’t have it because we want to be clever; we do it for performance,” was how it was put.

But today the team admitted they were going back to the old system of a man with a lollipop from this weekend?s Japanese Grand Prix. Stefano Domenicali said:

In this moment we need tranquillity and therefore we prefer to go back to the old system.

Has Ferrari done the right thing? Although the lights system is supposed to be a few tenths of a second quicker than using a lollipop, it seems they need more practice with it before it can be used reliably. It?s clearly not a risk worth taking with the championships hanging in the balance.

The mechanics will surely breathe sighs of relief as well.

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