2009 F1 calendar: better than ’08? (Poll)

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F1 gains Suzuka (above) but loses Montreal in 2009
F1 gains Suzuka (above) but loses Montreal in 2009

The official 2009 F1 calendar has been published with the Canadian Grand Prix mysteriously absent. That?s not the only change for next year, with Abu Dhabi arriving on the calendar as the new season finale.

Has the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone done a better job with the 2009 F1 calendar than the 2008 schedule? Compare the two and cast your vote below.

The major changes between the two calendars are:

Round 2008 race 2009 race
1 Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne
2 Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang
3 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir
4 Spanish Grand Prix, Circuit de Catalunya Spanish Grand Prix, Circuit de Catalunya
5 Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo
6 Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul
7 Canadian Grand prix, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve British Grand Prix, Silverstone
8 French Grand Prix, Magny-Cours French Grand Prix, Magny-Cours
9 British Grand Prix, Silverstone German Grand Prix*, Nurburgring
10 German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring
11 Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring European Grand Prix**, Valencia
12 European Grand Prix, Valencia Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps
13 Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps Italian Grand Prix, Monza
14 Italian Grand Prix, Monza Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore
15 Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka
16 Japanese Grand Prix, Fuji Speedway Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai
17 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos
18 Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Island

*Exact title TBC. The Hockenheimring owners won’t allow the Nurburgring to use the title ‘German Grand Prix’.
**Exact title TBC. May use the title ‘Mediterranean Grand Prix’ so the Nurburgring can be the ‘European Grand Prix’.

Is the 2009 F1 calendar better than the 2008 F1 calendar?

  • Yes, the 2009 F1 calendar is much better (5%)
  • Yes, the 2009 F1 calendar is slightly better (12%)
  • They are just as good/bad as each other (25%)
  • No, the 2008 F1 calendar is slightly better (23%)
  • No, the 2008 F1 calendar is much better (31%)
  • I have no opinion (5%)

Total Voters: 393

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44 comments on “2009 F1 calendar: better than ’08? (Poll)”

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  1. Montreal should stay. there’s a lot of f1 fans here in Canada.

  2. Popular circuits seem to have a habit of being axed. But one thing I’d love to know. How come the Hungarian Grand Prix continues to survive?

  3. @ TMFOX – because Hungarian government continues to pay probably …

    bring Canada back !

  4. This is an interesting article about the Canadian Grand Prix. It states that even the organizers of the race had no clue it happened and that they found out from the media.


  5. David Watkins
    8th October 2008, 19:29

    Too early to tell yet but it’s a hell of a risk to put a new track as the last race.

    Why couldn’t they just put Bahrein and Abu Dhabi on consecutive weekends?

    I thought F1 was supposed to be “going green”

  6. @David Watkins
    Yeah, but I guess only as far as tyre grooves are concerned ;D

  7. In my humble perspective, 2008 was a major step down for the calendar after the hostile forceout of the USGP, but 2009 sees Bernie, Max and the entire F1 hierarchy step down to a new level with the loss of Canada- for the first time since the 1960’s, we will see not even one GP in North America. After what was a very successful doubleheader package, we are now seeing one of the world’s most important markets- a place vital to the success of the teams that race in the sport- with no representation.

    I could carry on about the loss of Indy and Montreal for a decade or so, but looking at the excellent point many of you make regarding Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, to the sensable people the post on this blog it makes absolute sense to pair up these two races on a flyaway. However, both of these places are unique because, while Bernie often has to wrestle with promoters over how much they will pay him, both of the Middle Eastern stops will line up and bow down to do whatever he asks- indeed they would probably pay even more than he asks in order to get F1 in their nations. So, Bernie sees this as an opportunity to have two seperate circuses in the Middle East each year and use each in a friendly rivalry of sorts, rather than do the sensable thing and pair both up on a flyaway.

    As for Suzuka, I am very happy to see it back and am looking forward to seeing the race on TV. However, 2009 is simply a worse calendar than 2008, which was already lacking. Therefore I vote that 2008 was slightly better because at least Canada was there, but as long as F1 continues to move away from Europe and North America, it keeps getting worse.

  8. TMFOX – To be fair to the Hungarian GP, it’s got a habit of chucking up some ridiculous races.

  9. I never get why they bother doing the non-european races in such an illogical order. Surely, as suggested by some people it would be easier to start at one side of the world and move round, they seem to keep all the european raves together but the others are just randomly scattered.

    Anyway, I voted 2009 slightly better than 2008 because I am feeling optimistic about it.

  10. Canada is a sad loss….But don’t worry, Britain, France, Belgium will soon follow……..

  11. In fact, if you start from west coast America, you’ll notice that as you go eastwards, a grand prix will disappear from the calendar year after year………..

  12. David Gleeson
    9th October 2008, 1:25

    I guess that logistically and money spent that it really doesn’t matter where the next race is.

    Used/broken equipment needs to be sent back to base, new equipment needs to be assembled and sent to the new race track. So here there is no savings to cost.

    With the cost of hotels (they could put them in backpackers hostels) for the extra days, penalty rates (away from home living), food costs, entertainment costs. The costs would be very close to the flight home and the flight to the next race.

    Added bonus is that people see home and family.
    They can have meetings with all stakeholders.

    And anyway, the crew is not paid to have a couple of days off.

  13. “World Championship” and the series comes to North America. . .um, not at all, and only once to this hemisphere. One of the things that makes this circuit so cool is the fact that they go everywhere, but alas, not anymore.

  14. So if Cananda is due to the track surface and marbles problems, are there any other competing circuits trying to swipe the Canadian GP for 2010?

    Mosport perhaps? Or is this another “Not up to scratch for Bernie” track?

  15. no problem as long as we have F1 race next year
    cheers for that

  16. Losing Canada is really big shame – it was perhaps the one circuit on the calendar that would guarantee close racing and over-taking.

    That said, Suzuka is a far better circuit than Fuji, and the Abu Dhabi circuit looks promising.

    I’d like to get rid of Magny Cours, Valencia, Hungary and Barcelona, and (to make a true world championship) races at Watkins Glen, Estoril, Kyalami and Long Beach.

  17. A true World Championship should have races no at least 5 of 6 continents (being North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania), and since Africa doesn’t have a race, there should be a North American one. And then I’m not even considering that the US are a top market for all manufacturers in F1 apart from Renault.

  18. The teams are trying to get Canada back on the schedule: story.

  19. Hey Journeyer, Long Beach and Watkins Glen are on opposite coasts of America. There is probably more distance between them than Silverstone and Monza. ;)

    I’m not too impressed with the calendar. I like Suzaka better than Fuji, but am depressed about the loss of Canada.

  20. Suzuka is infinitely better than Fuji and can make for a very interesting race, given the overtaking opportunities (recall Kimi won there in ’05 from 18th on the grid). Montreal is a tough circuit, but they need to address the surface issues they have had for the last 3-4 years. If they don’t, they deserve to lose the race.

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